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Tanks Gaz that's very helpful

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If you need it for making a segmented skirt rather than for a bag type then I use and can recommend Stormproofings Ltd, they make something  called SN770 (I have attached the data sheet) the material was developed for racing hovercraft skirts by HCGB member Daniel Newton. It's thin and flexible so very compliant and helps to make your hovercraft more easily maneuvered.  Although it's fairly strong I have totaled the odd segment over the years so it's not indestructible.
I dealt with a guy called Nick Matthew who was very helpful, but the last time was 5 years ago so don't bank on him still being their.

Stormproofings Ltd
Technical Textile Coatings
Unit 8, Vale Park Industrial Estate,               
Hazelbottom Road,                                   
Lower Crumpsall,                                       
M8 0GF                                                   

Tel: +44 (0)161 205 5354
 web: www.stormproofings.com
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Anyone know where I can buy 8 -10oz neoprene coated nylon?