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I’ve found that emailing and speaking directly to Tricel they give great prices on fibreglassing materials and accessories which far beats their online advertised prices. Trade price deals can be given They are very knowledgeable and helpful compared to some of the other online firms.

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Sign up for bearing boys news letter and you get discounts online.

Another good site for bits is UK drills "you guessed it they sell drill bits"  :o  [size=78%] I'm always getting discount emails from them and always good service and quick delivery.[/size]

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Bearing boys DO discount over the phone, but not for ordered items, i.e. its only bog standard bits, like in stock ordinary belts and pulleys etc. There is "often" a reason why not-- especially for small orders. They are always nice tho! ;)
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I’ve been bulk ordering lately and have more to come, anything is a bonus to offset the extortionate delivery charges a bit!

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I noticed the bearing boys code doesn't work now. It's on my list of things to do ...
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Are any of the member discounts which were available with the various suppliers still valid?. I notice this section has not been updated in a while and suppliers have changed, ie glasplies have been bought over by tricel. Any discount is a great help and if there were any new ones that would be a bonus.