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Shame that the easiest time to go hovercrafting is also the worst!
Is the inward bound bore the only one, i.e. I presume there is no ricochet outward bound bore?
It seems as time passes, that the boy with his finger in the dyke
was perhaps less able to stem the flow than we were led to believe?
That is frightening.

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I moved the craft over the bank and the floor bank held so all was well  :)
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Wow, and it went 2 ft higher still? Hope your craft was ok and the house remained dry Ian...

Paul H
Herefordshire (i.e. a loooong way from the coast...) 🤔

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File Name: 4* bore!
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Compare this with the pic of Mikes Surveyor - its thr same spot!

The tide later was 2ft higher but it was dark so no pic

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK