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Joe Milligan:
I'm actually using it as a scouting run to find the contraband route for when Boris & the EU have finished their negotiations  ;D We'll have to arrange a meeting point to exchange cargos,  ;D It'll just be like the old days before the common market  ;D ;D
You can't beat the smell of a 2 stroke  ;)

We've been on Lough Mcnean as part of our international cruise that involved two countries, I probably still have my GPS track somewhere that showed several border crossings down the middle of the lake😁😁😁.
Yes, there's a two stroke in the garage ;)

Joe Milligan:
Hi Philip,
Will do, we're up for fitting as much cruising in as possible & definitely want to get back down to your part of the world, one of our Christmas presents is several nights camping at Rushin House from which we can launch directly onto Lough Macnean, we're going to use this early in the year to make sure we've got the craft running as we would like, after that it's just a matter of fitting in cruises when we can, so keep me updated on anything your planning.
What's happening on the Trabant front, got one yet  ;D

Hi Nick,
We intend to be over to your part of the world next year, we've missed the Liverpool cruises for the past couple of years due to previously mentioned ill health so want to get back over to them, also want to get out on some of the Scottish outings, it's just a matter of fitting things in, so all being well we'll meet up.

Nick Flint:
Hello Joe.
Will you be limited to your side of the damp patch, or will you be crossing over to the dark side occaisionally?

 Joe, good to hear all is well,  let us know when you're ready to go and we'll meet you somewhere like Lough Ree.


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