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Mike Bingham:
I think Ive decide on a name For my new Sevtec Surveyor "DARWIN" because it will eventually live in. Shrewsbury, and I've Evolved from a Flying Fish !!! I THINK??? I've sold my mini Scamp and car trailer . still have to sell my fletcher Arrowflight And of course the Marlin which  whilst was great for learning and plenty of fun on Loch Fyne is now surplus to requirements . Ive bought some new rubber mat tiles for the floor of Darwin . bought a couple of pulleys and need to get to the local vehicle builders for a checker plate offcut to replace the foot operation of the brake  .not manage to source the stainless prop blade tape as advised by Ian and John,  but did spot web site of a company near Warwick that repairs aero props so need to follow that up. Have bought a selection of plastic tool boxes in which to gather useful toolkit, which I was unable to carry in the marlin due to weight restraints  looking  forward to my first session of fettling and maybe flying in September !! 

Ian Brooks:
Its a nice craft, I'm looking forward to seeing it out on the water, currently lying at the Hovtek Minsterworth facility awaiting a nice tide & weather for Mike to take his maiden voyage!


Mike Bingham:

Very well Nick, Thanks to Ian's Expert eye and Dave's  previous work to rectify the issues that it had and of course painting a proper Hovercraft colour ! the surveyor is now mine awaiting fettling and flight testing !!!!hopping to meet up with the Other "big Boys " soon!  Now desperately wanting to sell the marlin , fletcher Arrowflight speedboat and mini scamp mk2on trailer  to make room in the unit to store it !!! :-\

Nick Flint:
How did the viewing go Mike?

Nick Flint:
Oh Great News Mr B.
Everyone will think its an otter!
Good craft and as JR intimates, a swift rewire to club marinisation standards and away yer go!
I'll be thinking.


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