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Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Yes it does have skids.  I have a 4 and a 9 inch angle grinder, that will soon remove any skids that are in the way  ??? ;D .  I'll make a video and picture log of how I go about it, as it's bound to be of help to someone

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As long as it works!  It is certainly not likely to pinch and deflate.  Does the TS3 have aluminum skids/rails like the CP2?  If so, wondering how you will deal with that?

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mainly because it's easier to fit and should be more durable for cruising than an inflatable one.  I know it will work as I fitted one on my last TS3 although I didn't like it that much because it got deformed from landing on it, but the other TS3 didn't plough in with it underneath, so it must have been doing something.

I would happily fit a bag skirt, but designing one to fit and work properly is way above my pay grade

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So Al, you’re going with the divider as opposed to the sausage?

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You've just become "A supplier" Al     !!!
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I just bought a 9 metre length of 600mm wide on eBay for £80 including delivery  :)   That's enough to make 3 divider skirts  :)

« Reply #19 on: Jul 22, 2019, 10:18 pm »
eBay. You can buy anything on eBay.
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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There has to be a local supplier to you Al, try searching for materials handling companies around your area
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I had a quote for 2.5 metre length of belting £45 + VAT  I'm happy with that, :)  then P&P they want £38 +VAT  ???  That cost them a sale.

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Thanks Gaz  :)

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Where is the best place to buy the conveyor belt material?  I seem to remember I bought it from Cornwall for the last one, but no idea what I ordered and where I bought it  :-\ :-[  It must be an age thing  :-X

Copied from my post  of many years ago, contact details still correct

The conveyor material is made by Ammeraal Beltech (yes I checked the spelling) and is type 2T29. Apparently the blue belt is food grade and therefore a fair bit more expensive.

So going green is the cheaper option for once LOL.

I would think any conveyor belt supplier would stock a similar material, I used this supplier in Saltash who would be happy to give you a quote

Vulcanising South West Ltd
long Acre
Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6LZ
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (01752) 846302

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Wouters craft uses the same method invented by BHC (the "real" one!) in the 60's. See Phillips video at 55s in. Note how big and bulbous the bow bag is - thats to maximise the effect John describes, as the nose goes down the bag squashes outward, move the C of Lift forward and stopping the plough-in. I always admired that skirt, it works very well.

Segment skirts seem to have been developed in racing, where the poor roll  stability (or good roll ability, if you prefer!) is an advantage, quite the opposite of a cruising craft.

Once we began to understand plough-in, the divider was devised specifically to provide a retro-fittable solution for existing craft. It works and doesn't need any alteration of C of G, which is an advantage. It was fortunate that segment craft have a high pressure plenum available! But as John says, the ideal is to design for the C of G to be about 5-10% back from the "normal" position and feed the cushion from the rear, allowing a "proper" rear fed curtain partition to be used.

This video brought back memories - my first craft, the white Osprey with a few orange segments features heavily/. That was after I launched my Surveyor and the Osprey went to Phillip.
Ian Brooks
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White craft with blue skirt, the video is from years back but  features some people on here :)

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Who is wouter please?
Hovercrafter friend from Holland, I'll find some pics, although I think he visits this forum sometimes.