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I just like building  ;)   I think the prospector I have is going at the end of the month.  If it doesn't then there is a good chance I will sort it out and make it my next project unless someone else wants it of course.  If I'm starting from scratch then I have two possible hovers in mind, one is my favourite at the moment.  In fact I'm in the middle of pricing up the materials for it while writing this ???

 What I do like about the TS3 is that it flies nicely with the Briggs front & rear, proving that they don't need a shed load of horsepower to fly.  "Where's my hard hat & brolly as I can see a *hit storm coming my way  ;D ;D ;D

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Don’t you like the TS3?
Or does the next project make you sad?

Is the next project the Prospector?
I like the idea of a prospector

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My mind was on my next build project  ??? ??? ;D

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Al, Please tell your face this is something that is supposed to make you happy👍

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Cheer up, don't look so worried, the craft works well :) :) :)

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