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That was the guy I met. No-one mentions the old 'mad max'  4x4 that he uses to get most of the way out to the nets, swapping to the mud horse when it can no longer make headway.

I learnt one thing that day, if you find yourself stuck on the mud and you have to walk back to shore, don't use the high mounds of mud. They may look better, but instead walk/wade up the creeks. The water washes the mud away to firmer ground.
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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To say it looks like hard work would be the understatement of the year.. :o

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OK...I have to ask.. "Mud Horse" ??? ? ??  ???

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I did a filming assignment for "Coast" years ago with Surveyor. On the day there was a fresh breeze and filming was walking pace on fine slurry mud. Didn't work out so well - camera lens couldn't be kept clean. Was a fun day though. I met the last mud-horse fisherman tending his fishwier. He was a character. After the mudhorse was packed away, the producer sent his assistant via me to tell the fisherman to get it back out:

Assistant: "the Producer says bring the mud horse back over to the fish traps"

Fisherman: "tell the producer to f*** off"

Made me laugh anyway.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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That's what I thought.  Sev based hover would be the way to go for this.  I would have loved to of helped them out, but I'm not risking an untested hover.

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That's got Otter or Hovercamper written all over it; far better camera platforms than a Coastal Pro.

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HI all, 

I've been contacted by a film crew needing a hovercraft for shooting one of their scenes.

My TS3 hasn't been flight tested otherwise I would have offered to help.

Anyone on here able to assist?

I have removed part of the phone number, but if anyone thinks they can help, PM me and Ill pass on the contact details.

Below is the email I have received:

Good morning,

My name is Louis Taylor-Baggs and I am working on a film titled B25 at the moment. We are coming up to Scotland to film in Inverness on the 11th July and we are looking for a hovercraft to use as a tracking vehicle for one of our shots later that month.

Do you have any hovercraft that we could get out for a test day later this week/early next week (12th/13th/15th July)? Or know any companies that do? Preferably in or close to Scotland/Inverness. I have been looking at the XL Coastal Pro as it holds 3-4 people and a max weight of 350kg. Having a person on board and camera gear means that the vehicle needs to hold a certain amount of weight. Do you have this vehicle or something similar we could test in Scotland?

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss details further on the following number:

Ideally I would like to get as much information as possible in order to get the test booked in as soon as possible and so I would appreciate all the help you can provide.

Many thanks and speak soon,

From Louis T-B