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Looking and sounding good Al. That's an impressive air cleaner set up  :D

Excellent colour choice too ;)


Paul H
Herefordshire (i.e. a loooong way from the coast...) 🤔

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That's the stabilisers in position, just have to tighten them up now, then water here we come  :o

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Getting a little closer ;) ;D

As can be seen in the video, engine maxes out at just over 3400 rpm.  Throttle is now fitted and working, but I'm not happy with it as I can see it could possible give problems in the long term, so will be looking for ideas on that one.  I have fitted a Tiny Tach  tachometer/ hour meter.  I have one on the way from china that would possible run off the ecu but in the end I opted for the simplicity of the Tiny Tach.  They extended the cables for me to 5 metres and it was all done and delivered to me within 4 days.

I have one job to do now before first test flights and that is to make up and fit the thrust stabiliser bars.  The brackets are made, just have to make up the bars.

Going by the tree, it looks a bit windy in my Neighbours garden  ::) :-X


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Heres more for your collection ---- :D 8)
THATS been a tussle.
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