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I always liked the sirocco, it's got a very sensible configuration. I was surprised that they didn't do very well. I'd like to fly one to see what it's really like.
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I really like the Vortex lineup. Great machines & nice lines. I have seen the references to " it looks like a Dalek ".  ::)   Spat a bit of my coffee this morning when I spied the name on the side " Davros Dave ".....well done   8) ;)

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Did some repairs on one of them but never got to take it out.

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"Should of gone to Specsavers"

My Vortex Sirocco was there both days and performed well apart from a fracture on an exhaust flange.
Got it trimmed to give me 32 knots.......... so happy with that on a cruising craft.

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Of course.

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So Gazza, are you coming to the September one?
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Well it was a cracking weekend,Saturday was a bit windy but Sunday saw blue sky’s and a flat calm river Mersey.
14 craft turned up.
Eagle 4
Bbv 4.
Usual breakages.p clips,mechanical and fibreglass stuff.
No man left behind.
BBQ and beer on the Saturday evening and bacon butties on the Sunday morning.
All this was only £15 (beer extra).
I myself left with a short list of improvements to the eagle.
All in all a genre at weekend with great people. Look forward to the next one.