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Was it ever a runny craft?
Not AFAIK.  It was built starting in 2008 and, I think, almost completed around 2013/14.  Al bought it from the builder (Norman Jamieson) so maybe he has more info?  Hull is rough finish but should be structurally good, It did have the engine and running gear installed - no idea why it's all been stripped out, or where it is?  Skirt is 9 years old - never used AFAIK but probably knackered due to UV exposure (and it wasn't a very good PVC material in the first place),

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Was it ever a running craft?
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Here are some pictures

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Depending on condition and how quickly it needs moved I could possibly take it, even if only to hold on to it to pass on again.

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I know it needs work, but I haven't seen it for a couple of years, so not sure how h work it needs.  I had someone contact me that was offered it by someone who lives in his village.

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How much "work" does it need? I'm moving back home to the islands shortly and was planning of building something to rattle around the beaches on. However, if the hull is in reasonable nick I might be able to take a look next time im up.



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Needs work

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What condition is it in?

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Is their anyone that would be interested in a hull of a Sevtec Prospector for free?
I have been offered one today, but I don't have any space to keep it. :'(  (It is in the Highlands of Scotland),