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Dave Ibbotson, (A past HCGB hover enthusiast, racer and friend I've known since 19 blinking68----) has just sent me this reply about Peter Myer asked for ---Ive replied (em) direct to the asking person.

Hi Nick, Sorry for the delay!Peter Myer if I can remember was very active around the late 60'searly 70's. A good friend and working partner with Geoff Harding indeveloping the Wotsit Craft.Geoff Harding was President of the HCGB for several years. Later Peterworked with Mike Pinder at Pindair.Hope you are keeping wellDave
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I dont, but I've written to some one who may.
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Dear Ms. or Sir, 
do you by any chance have information on a Shropshire (?) amateur hovercraft maker from the late 60s and / or early 70s by the name of Peter Myer? Respectfully, Renald Fortier, Curator, Aviation and Space Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa https://ingeniumcanada.org/aviation/index.php

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