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 I parst my driving test in 1971 so will be ok with Grandfathers rights   ;)  Tom

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My aged eyes have found this RAC advice-

If you want to tow a trailer weighing more than 750kg, when the combined weight of the towing vehicle and trailer is more than 3,500kg, you’ll have to get B+E entitlement on your licence.

My licence recently granted by DVLA after MUCH shilly and some "shallying" declares------------ with DVLA deciding what to grant me--

I AM authorised BE for another three years THEN- (at 72years) I am "encouraged" to jump through hoops again, brought about by my 7 eye operations, and now life time eye drop usage to control "stuff".

SO my advice guys -being quite low down on the "legal advice" pecking order- i.e. at the bottom---
IF your licence says "BE" -----helpfully snuggled in between "D and C1E below" --
THEN by definition you CAN tow/ drive, as I have been GRANTED "BE"
As I'm 70 years old and to quote my grandson Max-
"Pops- you're Not dead (YET)"           

My total all up weight should be less than 3500KGs, and if I'm close, I'll miss out the Full Scottish Breakfast. NB this usually includes deep fried sporran with whisky chaser   

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Al, with the "passed test before 1997 rule" and most of the club members appear to be over 38years of age there should be no problems towing trailers!!
See link in my previous post which enables anyone to check their entitlement

Careful, you make the club sound like its an old peoples club  ;D

My wife is, lets say older than 38 "Tactful"  ;) [size=78%] but she is limited on what she can tow because she passed her test after 1997.  Us oldies have granddad rights which is great.  If your licence has to be renewed by DVLA for any reason, then you should always check it when it returns as years ago for medical reasons my licence had to be renewed every three years.  One time when I received it back from DVLA, I was checking to make sure they had put my motorbike entitlement back on the licence and noticed that they had removed my C1 & D1, so I contacted them and they put these entitlements back on my licence.  They will only remove certain categories if there is a medical or lawful reason to do so [/size]

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Al, with the "passed test before 1997 rule" and most of the club members appear to be over 38years of age there should be no problems towing trailers!!
See link in my previous post which enables anyone to check their entitlement

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How I understand it, is that prior to 1997, we are are allowed to tow any size trailer with a vehicle as long as their total loaded weight doesn't exceed 8.25 ton.

After 1997 any vehicle with a trailer as long as total loaded weight is under 3.5 ton.

If there is any doubt about whether or not your allowed to tow a trailer with a certain vehicle then you should contact DVLA or take and pass a test to cover you.  The last thing anyone needs is to be involved in an accident and it comes to light that your licence didn't cover you, your suddenly uninsured, possible lawsuit against you and whatever else the law can chuck at you, and it wouldn't matter if the accident wasn't your fault.   It's not worth the risk   

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This all seems rather confusing!!
See. https://www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories
According to gov site if your license shows CAT B and you passed your test before 1st Jan 1997 you can drive a car and trailer of 8,250 Kg MAM (maximum aloud mass)
If your licence shows CAT BE and you passed your test before Jan 2013 you can drive a Vehicle of 3,500 with a trailer of any size!!! Am I missing something??
My licence shows CAT B and CAT BE (I am 70 +)
 Just checked vehicle categories  I can drive ( online with DVLA) and CAT BE states
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Hi John before my  license change I can drive up to 7.1/2 ton truck But now I can not all the info of the vehicle that's being driven on the road is with the DVLA info and on the log book I'm not to shore I will chance it .If i have a  accident I think the  Insurance company will   Wriggle out of it  like thay do if Im driving over the  Weight limit . Tom

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I suspect it's the same scenario with the modern driving test - limited to 3500Kg.  I did some research a few years back to determine the reason why it was said that "new" licences holders can't tow a trailer.  Turned out that the interpretation was based on the GTW of the vehicle plus the gross weight of the trailer- which meant that you couldn't tow a 150Kg trailer with a large 4x4 (GTW 3.5t _ 0.15) but could tow a 2 ton trailer behind a tiddly lightweight car.  This made no sense on safety grounds so I read the appropriate Acts and it turns out that the 3.5t limit is the actual train weight (vehicle plus loaded trailer) at the time - nothing to do with the GTW on the VIN plate.  I also couldn't  find any court cases where someone had been fined/etc. for towing a trailer (probably not a surprise as the rig would need taken to a weighbridge to prove it was over 3.5t!).

Bottom line is that provided the total rig weight is below 3.5t you should be OK (how much does the loaded camper weigh - 2.5t max and it would be OK assuming the trailer/hover is 500Kg (and if it isn't then a lighter trailer is needed!)

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Can you drive a 3500kg motorhome +trailer?

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 Thank you Ron, much appreciated for the information  that is the maximum I can drive now on my driving licence 3.500 Killo without craft and trailer  after reaching 70 years young, that was 2 years ago.

[/size][size=78%]Your [/size][/size][size=78%]driving licence will change automatically when you reach the age of 70. [/size]
[/size][size=78%]Just trying to let club members who are not 70 know about this licence change.[/size]

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Hi Nick
These campers seem to be a kind of hoverclub uniform.
Thanks for info, need to speak to you at some point.

Gross vehicle weight 3500kg.

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Hi Nick just being  curious what is the  Weight of the camper  m/t it will be on logbook or vin plate . I just thinking. May be for me ? 🤔 Thanks .         Tom

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Ahhh good choice, Ronnie.
They are basically an upside down fibreglass hull, i.e. don't leak, unlike ali foam slabsides as most others.
Look out for heater issues in the saloon, easily upgraded by going digital, see Kims upgrade or mine.
My only "real issue" was the crummy alarm (factory fitted.)
THIS has an "in situ" small rechargeable battery to power the noise should some one just cut the wire!
THIS battery self charges from your main onboard engine battery, so gradually discharges your engine starter battery, because the small battery eventually deteriorates until it continuously needs charging.
In all ways this is stupid!!! I used a professional to remove and despose of said alarm- (useless anyway)
as the transit part is immobilised. I then fitted a discarnect battery terminal, so I can NOW start up with
the rather  tired battery  even when left for weeks with the battery disconnected.
Also helps with additional anti thief measure.
No issues yet with losing the "memory" part of things with engine, and or radio!
Just retune it for your hol then relax! 8)
They also hold their price rather well, poor when buying, good when selling!

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Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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  Now i think thay may have to put there names on each camper to show who's the Pilot is .    :-\ ;D

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I said I’d never buy a transit van.
Guess what I bought a transit van.
13 plate got a couple of scabs but hey ho.