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Only problem with the slipway opposite the hotel is that its not very wide and on a low tide not unusable, as whoever designed it didn't think about low tides.  I've launched a few times from there.

Nigel is a nice guy so is his wife Diane. "not a nice guy, but a nice woman"   

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Lochcarron Hotel

Basically B+B  £50 / night / person
Eve meals as you choose extra, or we go out or feed upon local deer that stray into our props.
Nigel (the owner) is FINE about our club, hobby and we can use his park facilities and ramp into the sea.
It looks great (cost more, but get more, AND we all book what we want and pay as we see fit.
He still has 4 of single, 4 double 4 twin rooms. Cost are the same later in year.
PLEASE everyone LOOK and ponder.
It does cost us more but leaves us a fabulous holiday, with as much hovering and nice stuff to attract the ladies to be a contender.
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I can't see why not :-D

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Hi Al,

I'm really keen to come hovering in your part of the world - it's a wonderful place 8)

You can feel a "but" coming on ::)

The proposed dates cause me a problem but I realise you can't please everyone and as the organiser, you decide. If we can't make it to your summer cruise, would it cause you a problem if there was a "North West Highland Cruise - The Sequel" sometime in late summer/early autumn? In conjunction with yourself, we could make our own arrangements but want to avoid upsetting the locals - is there any mileage in that idea please? Just thought I'd ask rather than keep the thought to myself...


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Can we add a registration dialogue box to this, similar to the loch fine event? I can't see one at the moment................or am I blind Mmmmmm
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Merging Sorted! 8)
WHAT a guy. ::)
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Looking into the last one ATM!
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

« Reply #24 on: Jan 10, 2019, 2:00 pm »  This one still available

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I wouldn't know how to merge the two threads either, but we both know a man that can  ;) ;) 

I will enquire about other possible camping sites, but at the moment I cant think of anywhere.  Only farmer/crofter I know for sure would accommodate is 8 miles away from the shore.  There maybe something nearer plockton / Kyle / kishorn.  I have a key for  the battery park car park barrier in Lochcarron, so no reason why hovercraft couldn't be left there and launched from there, but the locals would have kittens if camper vans started staying there as there was hassle from Pikeys setting up camp there a few years ago, so that's why there is now a barrier across the car park entrance.  I have a friend who has a croft adjoining Loch Carron, but not sure it would be suitable for camper vans as access not really suitable, but I'll ask him.

Looking at my annual leave dates,  Other possibilities are: 27th July to 3rd Aug, but that clashes with the Irish cruise dates. 
20th Apr to 27th April, but I don't think my TS3 will be ready by then, as been put behind by my thrust engine already 3 weeks overdue, but happy to organise it for these dates if they're more suitable for others.

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High Al, just trying to source some ON SHORE rentals, awaiting replies on 10-08-19 for one week.
My preferred (Harbour) has already gone for that week. Are these dates "set"?
Is it a good idea to merge your topics both called "North west highland cruise?
Ive tried to do this for you, to help, but don't know how. Three of my ignorant attempts have failed.
Theres a joke there somewhere.
Is there JUST the one campsite, as its away from shore, and fairly small?
Is there a local farmer who could rent out a shore line for us, for craft and trailers with motorhomes???
We could pay him AND not upset any neighbours, coming and a going.
We could manage by storing up toilet contents, and have a more authentic "Hovercamping Weekend" atmosphere???
If it WAS possible, then some "Frugal Scottish Farmer" could easily have a few hundred pounds in his pocket for NO outlay, and to ensure we were welcomed back, his site would be left spotless for 2020, and locals would be pleased we came, drinking and eating their produce and being mainly sited away from close knit communities that could be less enthralled if we ALL store and start up near to their residences?---------->
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I like the "kiss of snow" on the last one, to add atmosphere.
They look super.
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A couple of picture to wet your appetite for what scenery the area has to offer the hover cruiser.   These pictures were taken New Years day.  they are looking down in to Loch Kishorn.  The Isle of Skye can be seen in the distance on one of the pictures. 

By the time the cruise goes ahead there will be an oil drilling platform in Loch Kishorn that is being towed in for refurbishment.  Heres a link:

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Spend a week hovercraft cruising in one of the most spectacular scenic areas of the UK. 

I will upload details of the cruise and  places to stay  etc over the next few weeks. 

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It will be good to see you.  The more the merrier  :)