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  • Ireland 2018: Jul 27, 2018 - Aug 06, 2018
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Some video taken over the weekend of Rough Point and surrounding areas. Some people might recognize the crossing from one side of the peninsula to the other at 00:58 ;)

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Some video from 2017, leaving the campsite in Mountshannon heading out to Holy Island

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This year the Irish cruise will be from Friday 27th July to Tuesday 7th August, We're heading back to the Shannon probably starting at Galey before heading on south visiting anywhere interesting along the way including Lukers. We hope to explore some sections of the river we've not been on before so there may be some surprises ;) .
 Then we'll move to Kerry where we can explore some rivers and head out into the Atlantic visiting places like Inch.  All of course is weather dependent but we can always stick to the more sheltered rivers.
 Lots of video of previous years on here
 If anybody wants more info just ask.
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