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Barry Oakley on the sand bank off shore from Liverpool Sailing Club
We regulars like to call it LSC. Its just the way we roll.
THIS photo refused to post up (IMAC) 10 times trying every which way etc,
until I transferred it from phone to iPad which then uploaded it first go.
Strange as each time the "little blue bar" shot across (as normal) but left a blank screen EVERY time but never with any other
photo uploads taken at same time.

Response to PMs---

YES- My otter carried 2.5/3 people PLUS huge tool box, and 40 litres of shells finest brew with 10 litres for "others", and
started on the button, and performed superbly.
1 Carries three in dry safety, can rescue TWO others at once!  ;)
2 Allows me to STAND holding onto windscreen with my eyes 7 FEET high, allowing me to see for a very long way.
On sand / mud banks this allows not only easy avoidance of gullies, (death) BUT this week end allowed me to find a stream out of a land locked lake area down through sand banks into the main eeesssttwwairie.
NB this is usually an "estuary"  near London.
I could then safely trundle down to sea in this stream, but also importantly, stand looking around for landmarks to check out exactly where this exit/entry was by standing HIGH. AKA "tippy toes" I then motored away 300 yrds returning to check i was still able to find the spot.
THIS aspect of the craft I find indersponserasable as an adjunct to safety in these testing environments. Squatting inches off the water is no way to keep a look out. IMHO
3 I can stay "above hump" around the 8 MPH and 12-14 is still nice, tho cruising feels best/economical / quietest around 20-25mph.
4 I continue to be impressed by the lump that is my Briggs and Stratton "35BHP" (joke) Economical.
It is smooth and old, (just like me?) ::)
5 WE don't need to labour the point of its inert "float ability", even if an old person forgets his bung-----(me)
Oh I think we CAN labour THAT POINT! ;)
6 Head wind progress and resistance to side gusts is best described as "challenging" ---i.e. it CANNOT be as good as tiny frontal area narrow, low, small craft. "Thats agin the larze o fysiks capn." ::)
On the Saturday late afternoon we headed back DOWN stream into approx 20 mph (gusting 30mph?). I managed by using the gentlly sloping mud banks to glance off- and each bounce bumped up my speed an extra 2mph so when speed was falling I knew I could always "bounce the bank",,,,, until the bank became a sand WALL with breaking waves and or ROCKS as I rounded a promontory.  (Buddied to Barry in front)--- I had to glance out to mid estuary across wind to regain speed and turn slowly back as Barry kindly doubled backed (to check on me) as we had disappeared! HOWEVER--- Sparkle did not complain even tho FULL throttle had been engaged for about 30 mins SOLID!!! THREE up is a "big ask". (what a crap phrase). The considerable side wall that is Otters also means you have to be aware of side gusts, and weather cocking in high winds can make for testing approaches to land especially in down wind times.
7 THE BRAKE. Oh the brake! SO useful going down mud/sand flats controlling forward speed, but also allowing better pointability, i.e. a side breeze can (at this time) be shrugged OFF i.e. you can drive straight rather than side drifting for miles.
"Down wind dumps are a joy so an unexpectedly fast approaching land mass (with wind behind you) can be slowed RIGHT down with total steerage, and engine revs left for lift and rudder authority. The old / infirm /unwary can be caught out easily. NOT with this brake, i.e. it covers my mistakes. Bliss.
8 Low noise signature. DEFFO great. Low and less whiney.
9 The high sides give the occupants a feeling of increased safety, (as well as ACTUALLY increasing it!
10 Aesthetics.  8)
Well this is in the eye etc, and onlookers refer to it as "ugly (bagocrap)" others the best looking craft out there. Im in the middle, but find its reliability to be IMMMMMENSERALLY attractive.
Sparkle gets an affectionate pat after each and every cruise. She is 'loyal" and deserves it :-*
22 miles covered as the Sunday was VERY windy and forecast to approach 1000mph in the afternoon, so be "begrudgingly ate more bacon BBQ sarnies with lashings of tea to mirror the previous nights BBQ of burgers sozzos and salad. Beer and whine flowed free from the glorious Sue on bar duty.
£15 each including M/H.
Thanks as ever to Danny (Gary Baldie)!!!! and everyone at LSC Phil- and "wing commander Mike"

5 BHP lift and 20 BHP thro 3 bladed thrust fan. BAG and finger skirt carries him and Charlotte in quiet reliable comfort.
Rob Trussler designed the skirt apparently which transforms the capability of this craft. Great to see him again after the HCGB 50 anniversary (3 years ago?)

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Much hilarity in the bar was enjoyed by all  ;)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Just returned from Liverpool Sailing Club after a very enjoyable weekend.
My son Gregory and my grandson Max are pictured on a sand bank, in the Mersey, with the club house pictured
on the muddy shore opposite.

Things of note-
1 Spare fuel, even tho the tank was holding 40 litres !
2 The intercom system works well now with the noise attenuation of great pleasure to the grandchildren who seem to be caused some pain actually hearing stuff thats "a bit noisy". Once they wear the phones they are very happy. The constant chatter from me over the intercom can help reassure when the going gets tough, rough etc.
3 Life jackets are well seen being worn---- (in the afternoon)
In the morning I profess absolute mind block over this issue and completely forgot. SOOOoo embarrassing.
Playing the "I'm an old person card just does NOT help if your sinking! We were in shallows at all times--- but isn't the point. "oops" ::)
4Plugs is written on the top of the tool box. This helps find them should they be necessary (instead of a pointless search for them in the main body of the box. "oops" ::)
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Looks like its just me then!
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Liverpool Sailing Club is again running a weekend as per above.
PLEASE (PLEASE) read--- and note the safety requirements---- ABOVE, bearing in mind recent events.
On a personal note, I will be attending with Gregory, (my son) and Max my grandson on Friday evening..
The three of us will be burbling around locally I believe as I introduce Max (5) to hover crafting.
Whilst I will be listening in to VHF, it is perhaps best to NOT rely on me to be present at all times on longer cruises!
Lets try to ensure this is a "stress free zone" this weekend,  ;)
and indeed have fun hover crafting. 8)
It might be rather nice if members could record on here if they propose to attend. No need to say if you can't!!!!
Nick Flint
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Liverpool Sailing Club hover weekend 18-19th  August  2018

Liaise with Danny (Baldy) and / or Nick Flint

Usual cruise rules apply, craft must be sea worthy and covered by appropriate insurance, there is a VHF channel that the club use or mobile phones as we are within the estuary. Crew must have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and we usually try and run a buddy system or as a small group
There is the option of 'bumbling' cruising just within view of the club house the Mersey is approx 2.5miles wide outside the club or longer range stuff up towards Warrington
Parking is available for camper vans with a small grass area for tents. Wash down facilities are available, as are hot showers and toilets. The bar will be open for refreshments and there will be some food (usually BBQ) on the Saturday night and bacon butties on Sunday morning. These are included in the weekend cost to be paid to LSC on arrival
Please note this is a none political weekend. Anyone turning up with a mind to create will be shown the door

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