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This is a   list of suppliers of hovercraft components (both custom and generic) and is provided as a   service   to the hover community.  Please note that the HoverClub does not endorse nor recommend the products supplied by these companies and is not responsible for the content of the linked web sites. 

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If you would like to have your company listed here please contact us

ACV Designs - ACV Designs is committed to   creating the worlds greatest small hovercraft designs.

Aluminium Warehouse - These people sell {shhh its a secret....} online. Good prices, although the delivery charge is significant. Careful when shopping on this site, you'll spend a hundred quid without trying!

Amphibiousmarine - Suppliers of Sevtec plans and kits -also manufactures a range of Sevtec based hovercraft.

Bill Baker Vehicles Ltd - Manufacturers of hovercraft, Banbury, Oxon. UK.

Briggs Bits- Supplier of engines and spares for Briggs & Stratton engines

Cablecraft - Adhesive lined heat shrink. This is the only heat shrink you should use! Its so much easier to use than the rubbish Maplins sell, and it is lined with hot-melt glue for a waterproof seal. They also sell many other wiring kit, crimps, crimp pliers, etc ,etc.

Cabletec - Rudder/throttle push-pull (morse 33c) cables and end fittings.

Finger skirt material (hypalon/neoprene coated nylon:
C H Cross and sons
Unit 5, Trading State, Sherborne St M8 8LR Manchester Tel:0161 835 1115
e-mail chcross@btinternet.com

Coastal Rides - Excellent prices on control cables (Teleflex 33c as used for rudders, throttle, etc.)

Contralube - Supplier of specialist  waterproofing grease for electrics.

Cut Plastic Sheeting - Supplier of various types of plastic sheet material, foam board for rudders.

Flying Fish Hovercraft - Hovercraft Sales.   Days out and corporate entertainment in Kent.

Hov Pod - Makers of   the HovPod integrated craft. Based in Southampton UK.

Hovercraft Consultants Ltd. - HCL designs and   manufactures skirts for all sizes of hovercraft from small components   up to complete skirt systems.

Holrose - Thread used to sew finger segments. tel: 01942 290 143. The product code is; PCG36/NAT/4000M/C = 36 Polycotton Glace 2710 Natural 4000 metres

Hovery of Argentina - Manufacturers of the   Light Weight 'Hovery' One Person Hovercraft.

Just Stainless - Lots of hard to find stainless fittings here - I found the catches especially useful for removable covers, but not cheap unless you can use the smallest type.

K&M Products - Manufacturers of light   hovercraft. Suppliers of kits, plans and components.

Leisure Mart - trailer lighting boards up to 7ft wide!

Mad Hovercraft - Manufacturer of light   recreational hovercraft in Slovenia.

N. STAVSUDDA HANDEL -   Licensed Swedish Manufacturer of BBV Hovercraft, Parts and Accessories.

Neoteric Hovercraft Inc - Manufacturers of   High Performance Cruising Hovercraft.

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd.   - Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd is an international company with more than   20 years experience in the hovercraft industry.

jetex.co.uk/website/custom_parts.php -  for stainless exhaust systems and components - essential if you operate on salt water!

SA - Hovercraft -Italia - Italian Producer of TUGO' Hovercraft and Suppliers of other hovercraft from 2 to 80 seats.

Sea Screw - Nice name! They started off supplying stainless fasteners, expanded into all sorts of marine stainless hardware and now sell lots of general chandlery. They also supply ropes.

Sparkplugs UK - Ideal for people who like to shop in the evening. They have sparkplugs suitable for Briggs engines.

Standard Cable -  Cable in a huge variety of colours and sizes and available in short lengths, plus many other wiring products. Ideal for wiring up a new-build.

Starcom Intercoms -  A high end intercom system that can be configured to your needs, giving passenger comms, craft-craft & music. Works well.

Tarpaulin Supply & Repair Co. - Vinly coated fabric (curtain-sider material ) for bag skirts - 620 or 900gsm = 18 or 26oz yd2

Techni-Cable - This is where you get your stainless control cables. These do not gum up in the salt water. For throttle cable inners use this. Also structural cables and cabling equipment.

ToolStation Sikaflex equivalent adhesive - Sikaflex equivalent sealent/adhesive - but at 1/3 of the price!

Trident Foams Ltd. - Suppliers of TriCast structural core foams for Sev-style craft build.

Universal Hovercraft[/size] - The world's largest supplier of hovercraft plans, kits, and parts. Illinois, USA.

Vortex hovercraft - UK manufacturer of 1 to 5 seat hovercraft.

The Plastic People -  Supplier of plastic sheet, foam board and windscreens cut to size (use polycarbonate for windscreens)

Masonmate Rubber Nuts - Suplier of this useful fixing in boxes of 50 at reasonable price
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