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Good idea.
Let me know if I can help.

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After months of behind the scenes discussions the HoverClub Committee are pleased to announce a new initiative in our promotion of “Hovercraft Cruising and Use” to youth groups around the UK. As from today HoverClub will be offering youth organisations a grant of up to 30% toward the build costs of a Youth Group Hovercraft. Funding is set at 30% of the expected build costs up to a maximum of £1500.  One award will be made per group.

We will be offering a maximum of two grants per year.  Applications are open to any Group, Body or Club set up for young persons with a constitution or an association with an institution such as a school which is open to all.

The grant will only be available to groups who are club members (who can then of course get free plans!) AND who commit to remain a member a minimum of 12 months after the craft is completed.  Groups must also commit to providing regular updates (at least monthly) in our Builders forum.  Any materials published on the forum may be used by the club for promotion purposes.

Any award will be paid in two stages. 50% will be paid on our acceptance of the application, the remaining 50% will be issued when photo evidence that the hull structure has been completed and a minimum of 3 updates have been posted in the builders Corner section of our forum.
HoverClub will provide technical assistance with specialist subjects and will be able to assist with training in how to operate the craft.

Groups applying will need to provide a written application including the information specified below. The application will be reviewed by the committee to verify compliance - grants will then be awarded on a first-come, first served basis.

1.   Describe how you intend to use the hovercraft to further the aims of your institution, club or young people. What benefits do you expect to gain?
2.   Describe how you intend to fund the remaining 70% (other sponsorship, donations or fund raising is acceptable).
3.   Organisation and planning. Please confirm that your organisation is capable of undertaking such a project safely.
4.   Describe the organisation that will be in place to manage the project and to supervise the build, together with the facilities and skilled persons that will be available.
5.   Provide any other information that you think will support your bid for funding.
6.   If your project involves under 18's how will you ensure compliance with child protection legislation?
7.   What are the long term plans for the craft when finished?
8.   What is the timescale for your build?
9.   Please confirm that any posts made and photos uploaded to the forum are available to be used by the club for promotion purposes.
10.   Please confirm that you will assume all responsibility for the health and safety of your members at all times and will not rely on any advice information or guidance given by HoverClub or its members in this respect.