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  • HCA World Cruise Event: Jul 14, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018
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Re assuring to see they have similar variations! 1m-45 shows a craft stop, so its not just UK that has breakdowns! Shear numbers are incredible, as perhaps the noise.
The size of some craft is amazing. One oblong square fronted, the other pointy and long and wide! It must have incredible top speed.

I thought i would leave that as it is! I just spilt some froth from my coughie and that was the cleaning result! You can actually SEE where I spilt it----------
Strange optical illusions at times where the sand banks almost look like negative water levels i.e. as if the river is being syphoned down some huge whirlpool.
Hope John Carter can let us know what it was like?
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That's a great video, think we had a rep there too :)

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Is it me or are "World Cruise" events badly named? After all, all the cruising happens in one country, albeit with participants from around the world. World Cruise to me means brings thoughts of multiple cruising events worldwide at the same time In an attempt to put this right I am going to hold the 2018 Summer Tamar Cruise on the same week, but shorter. The 2018 Summer Tamar Cruise will be held between the 14th and 18th July. There will be limited places this year as we found  that the carpark at the slip got very crowded so get in quick.
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It would be cool if I could tag this onto the back of one of my regular trips to Buffalo. Might need to massage dates a bit  ;)
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I'll be there with a craft if I can get vacation.  If I can't get that week off, I'll likely try to get a few days between flights and jumpseat up there and bum some rides.  If I drive from Florida, I should have the FanTastic at least, or Explorer if I'm done refurbishing it.  Hope some of y'all can make it over!  Orlando was in contention, but some complained it would be too hot ;)
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