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tho this is nice! 8)
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Perhaps my fave photo? 8)
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This effectively cleared Ians recent constipation----- oops! :-[
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Heading towards the Severn Bridge at the other end of this glass mirror.
Stugeron Tablets were not needed for this crossing. The sand/mud banks neath the "waves" were smooth and at times 24 mms deep or less. Because of the changing sand/mud banks, ONLY hovercraft can navigate --- and in two whole days we NEVER saw another craft of any type. At times like this its good to buddy up. To be out THERE alone, would be a smidgen lonely, and tempting fate i think.
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This conflagration was around 11-00 PM after some matured Loch Fyne Ales were sampled in readiness for their replacement in three weeks time-------
Sitting in TOTAL DARKNESS chatting over the days events was memorable in extreme!
I trust it was also for the ever patient Ian---- ::)
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Rare footage of Mr Brookes at a hostelry. He is the young happy thing on the right!
Im not-----
Their local hand pump ale was a revelation to the spirits. ;)
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THIS is smoother------ ::)
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The writer in fun mode. (rare footage) ::)
Please note the rough water to stern was caused by Ians recent passage as per the wash being at right angles to his passage----- :o
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Thanks Ian for such a super 2-3day blast of unadulterated FUN. 8)
Cant fault you on your report, so heres a few pictures prior to sorting out a proper film review shortly.
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It looked like a decent weather window was opening up, and Nick was keen to get his craft out so we met at the Minsterworth hoverport Saturday afternoon. After a couple of hours faffing about we put Nicks craft in the water for a solo run to the wier at Maismore, then I met him on the way back and we headed to the pub at Epney for beer & grub.

Arriving back as the light was fading, Nick was a bit apprehensive to see Sparkle dangling from a thread. It's not obvious, but the water is about 15ft down.

No issues though, both craft were soon parked on dry land - had to clear a little tree out of the way to make room!

Wasn't long before the beer supply was reconnected and "talking bo**ox" commenced for the rest of the evening!

In the morning, the craft were launched for a longer trip. The weather could not have been better- total flat calm and not a cloud in the sky. Hovering weather! The plan was that there was no plan ... meander down the river and see what took our fancy. First stop was an old fish house and "fishing engine" at Awre - a superb little spot and a little Severn history too.

Next we visited the old fishing quay at Gatcombe, a completely forgotten substantial stone structure, completely isolated by the river and railway. It would be a great camping spot except it is so thick with brambles you can't actually get on it. So it was time for tea - and Nick obliged with the obligatory Kelly kettle.

From Gatcombe the Purton Hulks were easily visible, so a little visit was necessary - of course! It's always worth a visit there, even if only to entertain the crowds.

Given the perfect weather, the miles were slipping past and we soon found ourselves well beyond Sharpness and stopped of briefly at Guscar rocks - I wanted to have a look and maybe check out a stnding stone, but the sight of the Severn bridge in the distance had Nick salivating so that was decided upon!

Nick wanted to go under the bridge, and once that was done there was nothing else for it but turn right and head up the Wye. This is one of the best hovercraft runs (I reckon) in Britain - first you pass under some impressive bridges of various ages and styles, then enter the Wye gorge guarded by Chepstow castle

(The smart ones will notice this was taken on the way back down stream - better angle!

After a few miles up the winding Wye, Nick radio'd a stop request - he wanted to check his fuel, given that we'd been cruising all morning and were over 45 miles out including a few detours. Sensible. So we pulled up in  muddy hole on the bank.

And the answer? Of the 50 litres Sparkle was carrying, she had use only 11! Now that is fanstastic economy - around 15 mpg - no other powered watercraft could touch that (at a sustained 20-25 knts). Since time was now getting on, we set off back, about 41 or 42 miles in a single hit. This time following alternative routes through the many channels of the Severn, and marvelling at how the river shifts gazillions of tons of sand a mud around. Here's the route - 85 miles or so.

What a run! Perfect, this is what hovercraft were made for.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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The weather was too good for work today  ;) well I've put a fair few his in this week so what goes around comes around, and I dropped Sabrina in this afternoon for a nice little trip downriver. The weather was superb, cold but flat calm and sunny.

I stopped in Wellhouse Bay again, mainly because it was time for a cuppa! In the background you can see what remains of the posts used to hold the putchers - conical baskets used to trap fish, like this, taken in 1964

The last person to come here carefully stacked his putchers in the fish house for the close season, and never returned to set the m out again. Who knows why? Perhaps retired and no one wanted to take over the business, But whatever the reason here they are, the shed is slowly collapsing but you could still bring them out and catch yourself some fish!

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Expected within six hours of time of issue
Expected within six to 12 hours of time of issue
Expected more than 12 hours from time of issue

« Reply #102 on: Nov 11, 2017, 9:44 pm »
Despite the highly erratic forecast, I took Sabrina out today. I've been researching the almost-forgotten salmon fishing industry in the Severn, it was a huge employer right up until the fifties. I took a old chap out last weekend, who was from a fishing family, his grandfather had the fishing house at Madam Pool in minsterworth ( he was an interesting chap, 87 but still very much with it, he's keen to go out again!).

Anyway, today I wanted to see whether two fish houses still existed in Wellhouse Bay (,opposite Sharpness). So I set out with some vague idea where they were to see if I could find them.

The first I found belonged to Joe Watham and Harry Goulding in the late forties, and they were amongst the last in a long line of Stopping Boat fishermen to work this area. They would moor the boats across the run of the tide, and put a Stop net over the gunnels. It's a triangular net on a framework of wood, the salmon are washed into it by the tide and the fisherman quickly raised it to trap the fish. An incredibly dangerous form of fishing. There's no much left of Joe and Harry's fish house, but we still know the motto which is all the more poignant because this is the very fireside

Whatever the wind and whatever the tide
There's always good fishing by our fireside

I suspect that the fishing in question was made from apples!

The second house is only a mile downstream, but this house is for a fishing wier. This is a row of stakes standing out into the tideway to which cone shaped baskets are fixed. The fish enter these and cannot turn, so they are trapped. This house is located at the foot of a steep cliff, accessed by a ladder known as Jacobs Ladder. Another time I'll see if that is still there!

Sadly this house is also not long for this world.

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Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hoverclub orgUK???
Are the photos receiving a water mark?
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Yep, looks like it was a dolphin. I reported it to the UK Cetacean Stranding Investigation Program. If you find one alive, they have a hotline to call to get help with saving it. Sadly it was all too late for mine.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK