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I was one of the two designers of the Hover Hawk. I was with the company from 1967 to the close in 1971. Mick Hart was the other part of the design team. I emigrated to Canada in 1980. I am not sure what happened to Mick.


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Hi Chris, Just saw your post yesterday. Don't know if you are still interested but I have one and it is in New Zealand.   

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I believe the Hoverhawk HA5 was built in the Whittlesey Factory around the late 1960's early 1970's.  The factory closed down shortly afterwards.

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Thankyou John

Still at land trials for a bit.
Appreciate the advice about crammond.
I have several other secluded beaches with car access in mind over in East Lothian.
The marinisation guide is next weeks work.
Finished off bolt check last night and all bolts torque sealed.
See which ones come out again.
Fire Extinguishers go in tonight
I am quite fortunate that i have been able to engage a couple of my neighbors with 24' RIBs to support me on the first water trials.
Not convinced of reliability of the craft yet.
I'll post some pictures of progress over the weekend.

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This guide will help prep the electrics for salt water use:;topic=465.0;attach=25

... and this will help prep the pilot  :D

You'll need to be very careful on Cramond beach - it can be busy with walkers and others (it's also not as flat as it might look from a distance!).   In general, it's much safer to operate on the water - it might be better to wait until the tide comes in (it's quite shallow in that area) which then allows recovery if needed - without being too pessimistic ;) ).
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Runs sweet. A credit to all those who have worked on it before me.
Few items to upgrade and improve for longevity and vanity. cosmetics and paint.
Planning to gets lots of use from it.
Considering taking it to the club cruise at Loch Fyne. Not sure how well it will perform, only one way to find out.
Going through a few trials here on land before I hit the beaches at Crammond.
Should have the nut and bolt check completed and paint marked  by the weekend.
I plan to take it out to shows and events throughout the year. Going to pick the best adventures.

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Looks super. Good colour 8)
I have an unused "new"  prop, from a wankel powered craft from "quite a while back" ::)
I seem to remember it was from "bankrupt" stock.
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Nice! How does she run? Any plans to use her?

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi all
chassis 009 is now in Edinburgh


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My current build is pretty close to the size of that thing, After looking at the stats for it, I'll stick with what I'm building.  I have over an inch more hover height, top speed is about what I am expecting to get, & weight, mine is anorexic compared to big Bertha in that advert.

Can I borrow your barge pole Kip  ;D


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Any one got a very long barge pole?
Totally agree with Gazza. Just look at the weight apart from other factors
Ps, JC , I appreciate you may not get the barge pole reference

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How's their performance?  Three engines!!
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a lot of work for little reward.