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I know the 'Outcasts' went 'Freestyling' but there seems only very small amount of actual 'Raid' footage (the theme of the video I know) just how much time was spent flying with the main party? Cracking scenery in the footage, Is it all like that?.
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You're clearly very accident prone Chris  ;D And you were a pilot?  ??? Very worrying!

Chris Campbell

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Brilliant pictures Gav.
Brings it all back - including my walking into the winch ::)

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Two excellent videos in my view  :) The fish one shows of the craft well as well as the beautiful surroundings of the trip.

Gavins one shows the enjoyment factor of everyone involved in that trip and both of them show us what we are all missing when we are sitting in the house being frustrated .

 Video footage of any tips in places like this is what i believe get people interested in why we all have this hobby that is one of the reasons I started filming where I go with my hover buddies back in 2006.

Get the cameras out folks and show everyone else how much fun we have when we go cruising 8)


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Or for those who haven't seen it before, my photo slideshow of the 2009 Raid which contains absolutely no adverts.
I think it captures the spirit of the event especially for the young people involved who are the future of the sport.

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Chris Campbell

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For those of you not lucky enough to have been on the Raid (which included me because of a piece of metal in my eye), and for those who just want to reminisce, an excellent video of some of the 2012 Raid.
CAUTION this almost exclusively features Flying Fish Craft (including the development Coastal Pro craft with only the standard Briggs 35 going up the Weir of Great Respect) so anybody offended at what might be regarded as advertising please don't click on this link
://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fub1TBRurso&feature=youtu.be. PS the video automatically plays in HD so if you have problems with download speeds use the tools icon at the bottom to change to ordinary definition.
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