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This is a list of current hovercraft manufacturers and is provided as a service to the hover community.  The HoverClub does not endorse or recommend the products supplied by these companies and is not responsible for the content of the linked web sites.

If you would like to have your company listed here please contact us

UK based Companies:

Bill Baker Vehicles Ltd - Manufacturers of hovercraft, Banbury, Oxon. UK.

British Hovercraft Company - Hovercraft Sales in Kent.

Griffon Hovercraft - Griffon Hovercraft Ltd produces the largest range of amphibious, diesel-engined hovercraft available in the world today.

Hov Pod - Makers of the HovPod integrated craft. Based in Southampton UK.

K&M Products - Manufacturers of light hovercraft. Suppliers of kits, plans and components.

Norfolk Hovercraft Co.   - Kits for Freedom 1 hovercraft.

Vortex hovercraft - UK manufacturer of 1 to 5 seat hovercraft.

Non-UK based Companies:

Aerohod Ltd - a Russian based manufacturer of inflatable skeg hovercraft.

Air Commander Hovercraf[/url]
t - Air Commander Hovercraft of America, manufacturers of a wide range of cruising and rescue hovercraft.

Amphibiousmarine - Suppliers of Sevtec plans and kits -also manufactures a range of Sevtec based hovercraft.

AKS Invest - A Russian Company. Hovercraft Manufacturers since 1996.

All Surface Vehicles - Manufacturers of Hovercraft in Australia. Includes RC hovercraft for the hobbyist too.

DF Dickins Associates Ltd - Consulting engineers working with organizations around the world to evaluate hovercraft applications for particular projects.

http://www.epscorp.com/ - USA manufacturer of ABS-10 large hovercraft.

hovercraft.ru - A Russian Hovercraft Manufacturer.

hovercraftmodels.com - Model Hovercraft.

Hoverwork Ltd - Hovercraft, Sales, Charters, Maintenance and Training.

Hovery of Argentina - Manufacturers of the Light Weight 'Hovery' One Person Hovercraft.

Mad Hovercraft - Manufacturer of light recreational hovercraft in Slovenia.

N. STAVSUDDA HANDEL - Licensed Swedish Manufacturer of BBV Hovercraft, Parts and Accessories.

Neoteric Hovercraft Inc - Manufacturers of High Performance Cruising Hovercraft.

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd. - Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd is an international company with more than 20 years experience in the hovercraft industry.

Phoenix rescue systems - Italian manufacturer of 5.4m Subaru powered hovercraft. Primarily aimed at rescue.

SA - Hovercraft -Italia - Italian Producer of TUGO' Hovercraft and Suppliers of other hovercraft from 2 to 80 seats.

Universal Hovercraft - The world's largest supplier of hovercraft plans, kits, and parts. Illinois, USA.
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