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The Shannon Cruise has finally come of age. from being based soley on the banks of Lough Derg with a couple of days of darting around the lake, to seven days of averaging just over 100kms of cruising a day. As to island bagging, there were 32 on Lough Key alone. The terrain varied from the nursery waters of Glencar Lake to surfing in the Atlantic. And unusually for Ireland, the weather was almost perfect, with low winds and no rain.
Even the little Scout, which was only available for 3 days clocked up 300kms, 120kms of these in one day.
I'm sure that Philip will be along with video and photos in the near future.
Overall, this has got to have been the best Shannon Cruise yet.

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Good vid Chris.  I think that one is now called the overnight two day cruise. Wait see the report of todays section, The Vorspray was on an all terrain trip.

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A snippet of 1 days cruising in Ireland.

BTW Dad & Philip are still out there cruising!

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