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Gee Mr B, THAT is a good read and they are clearly about as mad as us!
You say we could "visit them" but what about asking if we can "join / affiliate" with them?
Our respective craft though differing, are essentially similar, ie a bit noisy, but with props and engines driven by enthusiasts!
I think  if we were to approach these guys we could all benefit from a little "cross pollination" ie we would add to their wknd and vica versa?

We are a little concerned with numbers at our club events, and as such feel that we all would be more likely to attend if there was another string to the proverbial bow so to speak.

What about offering  a bilateral cross club membership deal?
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More parameter stuff. Impressive shots of 'my' river!


It would be cool to visit them on thier next event and say hello. The Severn on a bore tide is potentially very dodgy though.

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Hovercraft Dear ?  ..... you saw one parked on the lawn ?   Surely not ! You must have imagined it,  ......its not there now !


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The paramotor guys sent me this - looks very cool!


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It's Idris. Too many tourists up Cader so she had to take to the sea.
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I can understand "deep bits" where its rocky but where there is a sandy bottom I often puzzle as to how it is scoured out so deep.
When coming up the Porthmadog estuary, which is all sand the echosounder can go from 1-2 mtrs to 6-7 mtrs in less than 50 mtrs!! So many big "holes"!

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Brilliant illustration - makes you wonder why some of those deep bits are so deep - what geological forces have made it so.

« Reply #1905 on: Sep 21, 2016, 10:19 am »
Found this on face book, quite interesting what you dont actually see when navigating the Menai Straits! From the chart it takes a few seconds to start!

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I'd love a babycham!

The problem is they grow up so fast !!

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I'd love a babycham!

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Kip-- thats a fabulous colour!  8)
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Who's the Berke in this? Watch from around 13 mins, on screen at 13.36  :D

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Ta Muchly Nick and John,
I will sleep well tonight.