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Kip if anybody ever did a hovercraft family tree you would be right up there with Cockerell

Uncanny likeness  ;D

« Reply #697 on: Mar 24, 2013, 1:28 pm »
Kip if anybody ever did a hovercraft family tree you would be right up there with Cockerell


« Reply #696 on: Mar 24, 2013, 10:25 am »
Al, they have the F35 formula specifically designed for industrial engines.
Formed in 1995 as the F25 and I am the proud owner of the Stifkit for being 1st in the first round of the new championship.
I believe that the USA still runs F25 and it is the biggest attended formula.
Originally F25 was set up to improve craft design as no tuning was allowed. Drivers were weighed and all craft were ballasted to the heaviest driver of the day.That was up to a limit of 14 stone.
You therefore competed on an equal footing and the best craft or driver won.
F25 came about after the launch of Osprey 1 which used then available 18hp engine.
It was upgraded to F25 when that engine came out.
Very proud to be one of the F25 founding fathers.


« Reply #695 on: Mar 24, 2013, 10:07 am »
The amount of work involved in designing & building a racing craft from scratch would not make economic sense.  I am surprised though that he isn't running in a formula where he could use one of FF own craft as this would be good advertising.

« Reply #694 on: Mar 24, 2013, 12:34 am »
Trev, its an F2 craft built by Jos Vanderhoven, powered by a GSXR 600 engine for thrust. Akrapovic is the make of exhaust silencer on one or both of the engines.
It probably won't plough in given that most of the newer designs of twin engine racing craft rarely do and its got a fair bit of rear end weight. I believe he plans to race it in both the UK and European series.
I suspect that as FF don't manufacture racing craft Russ has decided to buy a proven craft for his chosen formula, and then use his facilities to modify it to suit him, as there isn't really a market for racing craft.

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Hover that does not plough in; is that not an Ekranoplan?  :D

« Reply #692 on: Mar 23, 2013, 11:06 pm »
Some of you may already know this information,,

  I was just reading on FB that Russ has been over the channel to buy himself a competitive F1 Akrapovič racing hover that allegedly does not  plough in!!

 Is it so he can be competitive against the UK competition ??

Sad day when the UKs self confessed largest light hover manufacturer has to go abroad to buy a hover to try to beat the UK designed machines.

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Thats the second time Emma has been on tv in the last 2 weeks talking fish  ;) and Russ is nowhere to be seen  ::)

« Reply #690 on: Mar 21, 2013, 9:53 pm »
Should give them the money to get the BBV 6 now  BBV 500 back in action, anybody know anything about the Verner VM133 engine they are using?


« Reply #689 on: Mar 21, 2013, 7:22 pm »
I hope it works out for them. 


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What's new in the news.


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A little tribute to Frank Thornton who died yesterday .loved this program when I was a kid although most of it went right over my head at the time.


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Just nicked this from Martin Dougalls Facebook.

Cheers Martin



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So when you reach 40 you will have an alternative career open to you.
Kip ;)

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Kip, about that video....reminds me of some of the positions I used to have to squirm into in order to perform maintenance on the Trident Submarine.  You know, the ones Engineers said 'looks good in the drawings!'  But nevertheless, located in some almost inaccessible space in the 'as-builts.'

John Carter
Hoverclub of America, Amphibious Marine & SEVTEC Kits