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Best do what the man says :)

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Disgusting creature!

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Oh very dear me.  ::)

Cant think of any other response.

Good riffs Ah guess?  8)
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Some heavy metal preaching!

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In another lifetime my family & some friends were into tootling around the fire trails in our Land-Rovers. We adhered to the 4x4 Code of Practise & were careful to not damage the fragile sandstone track system. We were not popular with the bush walkers but they had no real complaint that they could level at us. Enter the late 1970's craze of the cheap, brightly coloured Japanese 2 stroke, trail bikes. Every kid & kid at heart who lived in the mountains had one. You could here the "Ring ding ding,,blatt blatt, crackle, for miles around. They tore the guts out of the sandstone hills & gave the Nat. Pks the excuse they needed to close the tracks & put up locked gates. No one allowed in except walkers of course. Oh, & the kids on bikes just rode around the gates & carried on. They're still closed & a colleague in the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade told me that without the 4x4 enthusiasts doing a bit of track maintenance, & driving responsibly they can't get the fire trucks in. I still hate 2 strokes today can't stand the bloody things. So,,one group ruins it for everybody....rant over.

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They must be doing immense damage to the bed and banks, not to mention whatever aquatic life gets sucked up and mashed in the impellers. We on the other hand do no damage at all. Our passage is almost undetectable.
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Disgusting wankers! I knew that sanctioned jet boat races were run on the Murray River, sort of off road rally in shallow water, but not this. They' ll stuff it up for every one. They're known as "Cashed Up Bogans". Not name calling they're proud of the label! Yuk!......maybe they've a permit but I bet not.

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Imagine trying to do this in the UK?!!!

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Here's the An225 coming into Shannon landing on the Ireland's longest runway, hope you can understand Ukrainian :)

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I'm not aware of any controversy with this statue (Duke of Wellington) - it's a Scottish trait to deflate pomposity of any kind and this is a very public target (sits outside the Museum of Modern Art right in the city centre)!
He was actually Irish so maybe that's why the flag?  There is a fairly large Irish population in Glasgow "representing" one side of the appalling football-based bigotry.  Dodgy ground this history lark!

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Who was he? & why the controversy? thanks

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Interesting use of the flag😁🇮🇪🇮🇪

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As statues are a bit of a thing at the moment I thought you guys might be interested in how they are dealt with in Glasgow  :) (no need to take it down when ridicule is much more effective!) .   The cone on this one is world famous (even has it's own Wikipedia page!) - locals reckon it's been there for nearly 40 years (the council/police gave up long ago!).  It also magically changes with current topical events.