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We've all done daft stuff.
I intend to keep doing it.

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My cousin finished painting his bay window and stepped back to admire his work. He was 10 feet up the ladder at the time.

At a dinner party where he was cooking and  hosting, He was carrying the  large cauldron of steaming soup to the table, surrounded by TEN loving people, ALL crying with laughter at "his jokes"----only---- WE were laughing at his tie  currently languishing deep inside the soup-- one foot of tomato soup tie! Swirles of black smoke emanating from the kitchen with his stifled cries of----- "I want to DIE!"

Watching him "sailing" his mirror dinghy (without using the centre board---) in Abersoc bay was another joy. He drifted sideways at 85 degrees until he STOPPED and no amount of sail twitching could make the begger move. I hovered up to save him, triumphantly lowered my craft to float mode, but instead of throwing him a line just stepped out into 6 inches of water and walked him ashore. -- He had crashed into Wales.

One Christmas Eve he went up in his garage loft to reclaim a hidden TV set bought for his child. He was SO inebriated on monster GTs he stepped back through the loft hole and landed on other christmas stuff. It was not only his fall that was broken that time!

During same Abersoc Holiday his trailer tent was worried by a gale and all FIVE members of his family were grimly hanging onto the tent through the night as it tried to take off, and his pyjamas were falling down as they got wetter and wetter.
I walked past him in the middle of the night for a clandestine Pee, and never noticed. Next morning his Volvo wouldn't start-took out plugs- put back- wrong threaded----oh such fun we had.
 This man had a first class honours degree of engineering from Manchester.
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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and just to make it worse , I picked it up tonight, drove home ... and jumped out. ...no side steps - Sir Isaac took control .........


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Reminds me off the time one of my lads hoovered up spilled fuel in a craft with a wet and dry hoover.
He was astride it at the time of the explosion.
He did live to sire another child so all was well.
The rest of us though nearly died from laughing.

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This wasn't spontaneous - some silly s*d put them in an oil drum  for storage and an even sillier s*d decided to burn off the days waste paper and oil :-) ... in the oil drum.

AAAAAAAGH!!!!  I know why I service the craft myself !

« Reply #1598 on: Dec 04, 2015, 3:56 pm »
Spontaneous combustion can be alarming Ross.
Try lighting a Killie Kettle though---
Paraffin cubes help, but STINK out the storage food/drink container so that everything smells but WORSE ---tastes of paraffin--- eh Kip n Kim? I presume the molecules weep out through the SEALED food storage polythene bags, as you could squeeze the bags with no loss of air pressure.
As you advise Ross elsewhere get a little dry tinder and carry that instead. This I will do from now on.
Ones  bowel motions are however smoothed out magnificently by paraffin, so its not all crap-- ;)

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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The garage has just managed to set fire to my Defender's side steps .............

luckily they were off the vehicle for a repaint at the time but it was one of those surreal phone calls that gives more questions than answers .....


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Thank you Mr Warby, that was such a lovely clip.
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT


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                          ?? ::)

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OK. let's be fair about this;
1 ) Many politicians want Europe to be a country.
2 ) There are now many countries in Europe that didn't exist when I went to school, Latvia, Lithuania,
 Slovakia , Slovenia etc. etc.
3 ) Most UK citizens think they live in England or Scotland or Great Britain
4 ) What country is Holland in ??

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Oh boy. They are America's future?
A BHC Marlin mk3 and Coastal Pro  Owner


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If you think our education system is faulty then take some comfort.

Kredolous Kip