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Why do you think he wears that hat?


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You Conehead!   :D :D

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Good advice.

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There but for the Grace etc. .......................
I'm sure it will happen to me at some point. Been lucky up to now.
A few near misses.


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We ought to have a collection of the silliest ones!!

I could share a few silly ones. Trouble is most of them were me, so for the sake of my reputation I won't bother!  That was in the days before we knew better... we have learnt a huge amount since I started hovercrafting.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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There but for the Grace etc. .......................

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That would be Andrew Haddow and his bbv 6. Not sure if it's got a diesel trust engine.
I know he's put a
It of time and money into the craft.

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We ought to have a collection of the silliest ones!!
In the latest Rib & Powerboat magazine There was a mention of a 'New' power-boater who on his first trip tied up in some well known harbour on the south coast and went for lunch with his wife, on returning he found the Harbour Master 'adjusting his mooring lines' which had become 'as tight as a piano wire' with the boat tipped over on its side!!! He said is there a problem? When the HM explained what had happened the guy replied ' I new the tide came in and out, but I didn't realise it went up & down as well'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best one we have had so far was being requested to retrieve some sea kayakers who - and I quote   'didn't realise the tide went out'.  They were thigh deep in gloop about a mile from dry land.....

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As a member of the RNLI I tend to follow some of the 'Shouts' and it never ceases to amaze me the conditions these guys go out in. and also some of the stupid things the 'public' get up to and have to be rescued. I remember one day whilst walking on Black Rock sands and seeing (Through Binoculars) this powerboat going back and forth across the entrance to the Porthmadog channel near No 1 buoy (There are 17 in all!!) a short time later the RNLI inshore boat turns up to guide them in, but by this time the channel is too shallow for the powerboat so they take them back to Criccieth to anchor!! Later the report stated Turned out to powerboat 'Lost' off Porthmadog bar!!!!! What a waste of RNLI time and money!


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I get sent a copy of the Sheerness lifeboat callout reports. It amazes me the distances that lifeboat travels to do a rescue that could really be done with a nearby vessel.
In March, it travelled around 15 miles from Sheerness to Strood to rescue some guys stuck on the Russian submarine which is about 100 yards from shore.
You'd think there would be someone nearer who could have helped.
On another callout, a coastguard helicopter came all the way from Lydd to search for a missing person. Hardly a local service is it?

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But the bottom of the piston is marked as a gas spring chamber.
this is what returns the piston to the top and so cannot be pressurising
the air intake !