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The paramotor guys sent me this - looks very cool!


Work around  - remove the word REMOVE (but leave the forward slashes) and paste the link into your browser.

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It's Idris. Too many tourists up Cader so she had to take to the sea.
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I can understand "deep bits" where its rocky but where there is a sandy bottom I often puzzle as to how it is scoured out so deep.
When coming up the Porthmadog estuary, which is all sand the echosounder can go from 1-2 mtrs to 6-7 mtrs in less than 50 mtrs!! So many big "holes"!

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Brilliant illustration - makes you wonder why some of those deep bits are so deep - what geological forces have made it so.

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Found this on face book, quite interesting what you dont actually see when navigating the Menai Straits! From the chart it takes a few seconds to start!

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I'd love a babycham!

The problem is they grow up so fast !!

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I'd love a babycham!

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Kip-- thats a fabulous colour!  8)
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Who's the Berke in this? Watch from around 13 mins, on screen at 13.36  :D

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Ta Muchly Nick and John,
I will sleep well tonight.


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Translation  ;) :

Amongst other stuff, it's an attempt to make the web site a bit more "responsive" - meaning it automatically adjusts the layout, size and amount of information it shows to suit the size of the screen it's being viewed on.  In other words, changes have been made to make the website more usable on small screen devices - otherwise known as phones. 

At the moment, the post/thread display and forum listings have been changed - more major changes will happen later this year when I can get some serious time to look at it.

PS if you want to see what things look like on a phone then drag/resize your the browser window right/left edge to make it narrower and narrower - the layout will change as it gets smaller than about 800 pixels wide.

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All is change Kip and everything is fluid. Stagnation makes you smell, and a good flush out helps clean the sides of detritous deposits.
Stay with us pet and matters will unfurl as no doubt the world will inform and nurture us during times of distress.
We should thank John for couragously campaigning for refreshments, dragging us towards website nirvana.
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Why has the list of events,etc originally on the left of the page, migrated to the right?
Not that it matters, but I like to sleep at night without a very tired brain churning over trivia.

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Agree with people above,  10 actually works very well  once you get the hang of it.
 I'm considering trying Linux when I get a chance but other projects taking up time at the moment.