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I'd love a babycham!

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Kip-- thats a fabulous colour!  8)
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Who's the Berke in this? Watch from around 13 mins, on screen at 13.36  :D

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Ta Muchly Nick and John,
I will sleep well tonight.


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Translation  ;) :

Amongst other stuff, it's an attempt to make the web site a bit more "responsive" - meaning it automatically adjusts the layout, size and amount of information it shows to suit the size of the screen it's being viewed on.  In other words, changes have been made to make the website more usable on small screen devices - otherwise known as phones. 

At the moment, the post/thread display and forum listings have been changed - more major changes will happen later this year when I can get some serious time to look at it.

PS if you want to see what things look like on a phone then drag/resize your the browser window right/left edge to make it narrower and narrower - the layout will change as it gets smaller than about 800 pixels wide.

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All is change Kip and everything is fluid. Stagnation makes you smell, and a good flush out helps clean the sides of detritous deposits.
Stay with us pet and matters will unfurl as no doubt the world will inform and nurture us during times of distress.
We should thank John for couragously campaigning for refreshments, dragging us towards website nirvana.
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Why has the list of events,etc originally on the left of the page, migrated to the right?
Not that it matters, but I like to sleep at night without a very tired brain churning over trivia.

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Agree with people above,  10 actually works very well  once you get the hang of it.
 I'm considering trying Linux when I get a chance but other projects taking up time at the moment.

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Move to Linux - cheap (free!), stable (almost every web server on the planet runs Linux along with nearly every industrial computer system and half the phones and tablets) and with a variety of desktop and mobile distributions to suit your taste.  Most common version for desk/laptop is Linux Mint (Cinnamon interface look and works like Windows 7).  Say goodbye to never-ending, bandwidth-sapping updates and virus scanners that slow your computer (and need updated every ten minutes it seems).  Linux doesn't need virus protection.

 Most common Windows programs have Linux versions nowadays (and you can get free Linux programs for most common stuff anyway- often they're better than the Windows versions) - you can even still run Windows inside Linux as either dual boot, virtual machine or using an emulator (Wine, etc.).  Trying out Linux is pain-free and easy - download the Linux  disk image and burn it to a DVD or a USB stick, re-boot you computer from it and it'll run Linux without affecting your existing Windows installation or any data.

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I have Windows 10 on both my PC's and I don't dislike it. As far as uninstalling it goes I am with jon, give it some time, a couple of month will either have you tearing your hair out or have sorted out how to install 7.  as far as installing 7 goes there's plenty of help on Google.

Pet hate with Win 10;
I wish I could find out how to stop it switching computers on. I cured it on my laptop but despite trawling google have yet to find the setting to stop the desktop randomly turning itself on.
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My advice would be to stick with 10, its different yes, you will have to learn the minor differences from older operating systems. But believe me its better than 7. I have  64bit Lenovo machine, came with win 8, upgraded to 10. It's quick to load, stable and easy to use. We use win 7 at work, many due to our encryption platform, I don't find any problem flipping between the two. Intact prefer win 10.
Just stick with it. On your new machine it will perform better

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I agree Windows 10 is rubbish, I tried to go back to Windows 7 after the upgrade but I had left it too long and it would not let me!

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Hi,,not hover related but, this is Nowt t d w out.  :D I've just replaced my old comp. with a new machine, ( Desk top  PC ), which, unfortunately, came with Windows 10. :'( :'( I've been as patient as I could & tried to live with this atrocity but I've come to hate it.  >:( >:(   I'm sure people out there love W10 & wont understand at all.  I DON'T have multiple devices, indeed ANY at all. Are there any computer savvy folks out there who can advise me on how to remove W 10 from this machine & do a clean UPGRADE to Windows 7.  :( I realize that I will have to purchase a new W 7....Thanks.