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What's new in the news.


« Reply #687 on: Mar 19, 2013, 12:33 am »
A little tribute to Frank Thornton who died yesterday .loved this program when I was a kid although most of it went right over my head at the time.


« Reply #686 on: Mar 17, 2013, 5:37 pm »
Just nicked this from Martin Dougalls Facebook.

Cheers Martin



« Reply #685 on: Mar 17, 2013, 9:20 am »
So when you reach 40 you will have an alternative career open to you.
Kip ;)

« Reply #684 on: Mar 17, 2013, 4:15 am »
Kip, about that video....reminds me of some of the positions I used to have to squirm into in order to perform maintenance on the Trident Submarine.  You know, the ones Engineers said 'looks good in the drawings!'  But nevertheless, located in some almost inaccessible space in the 'as-builts.'

John Carter
Hoverclub of America, Amphibious Marine & SEVTEC Kits


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Trev, Sending you a PM

« Reply #682 on: Mar 16, 2013, 8:06 pm »
Can we drop this one and change the subject please guys ?  Life is too short!  Thanks.

« Reply #681 on: Mar 16, 2013, 7:31 pm »
Procrastinate that's a good word Gaz :P   my hover is getting one more attempt to see if I can make it better and more reliable than before , If I fail this time its getting crushed as I would not try and pull the wool over anyone  eyes out there by trying to sell it if it was less than perfect in my view.

Yes just as well we are all different Nick the world would be a dull place if we were all the same.

Kip I picked choice B after receiving a few messages last night from 2 members who asked why you had posted that video of a bunch of ballet dancers with their boobs out.. they appear to be as uncultured as me, luckily we are in the minority then.

PS are you insinuating I have personally attacked you on this site ?? if so state your grievances and we will clear this up online so everyone knows what has been said . 


« Reply #680 on: Mar 16, 2013, 7:01 pm »
I believe that "Nowt to do with Owt" has become a rather positive asset to our forum.
It is a place where we can socialise, chat nonsense, share our hobbies, our passions, our hopes and dreams and is somewhere to chill out for a short while.
When I see a post that says"  What a load of utter arty farty pervy bull 5hite that video is",
my immediate reaction is one of resentment and disappointment.
If you see something you do not like you have 2 choices.
A) Ignore it
B) Make a constructive comment or criticsm.
Being the contributor of that video I believe that I am entitled to take a slightly personal attitude in so far as it implies that I have an interest in pervy videos.
Having been personally attacked, with others, in a previous post from the same person it is perhaps also understandable why I felt a need to reply.
Thanks to all who took the time to tell me that they enjoyed the video ( to a lesser or greater degree) ;D  and helped to restore the status quo.
Please lets all try to play nicely, at least in Nowt,etc

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Gazza,,,,Can I refer you to my avatar?  8)
Trev,,,,Ref likes / dislikes,,, I LOVE Strictly Dancing :D ,,, (many dont) but I hate X factor a Britains Got a cheek.
Our world is luckily easily big enough to give us all room!
A friends wife was incredulous when I said I was to make another hovercraft. .....WHY? was the cry.
I launched into a long monologue until her eyes glazed over :D  gnf
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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who said that.

« Reply #677 on: Mar 16, 2013, 5:30 pm »
THAT Makes you go blind Mr GAZ? 8)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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concentrate on your hovercraft gentlemen and you might get somewhere in this world  ;)
my hover is sitting on its trailer just like all the other O5s out there

Then MAKE it work Trev, BR's craft flew, heck yours flew once, the tecknolawidudgy... clever stuff/people is here, now, on this site, today! don't sit thinking of what was, what could be... make it be, but please don't tell others to get out and work on their craft while you Procrastinate.  :-*
National Sarcasm Society - like we need your support

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Sorry lads I must have lead a pretty uncultured life compared to some others on here.

 Still think that video is arty farty pervie bull , but the comment was about the bloody video but its looking like it has been taken personal by someone yet again  :(

Gaz If I had known what you knew when you decided to build your craft I would have got one designed in another country as well , my hover is sitting on its trailer just like all the other O5s out there thanks for asking  ::)


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Gaz and Nick, I am off to work today on HT with a happy heart.
Bless you both.