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Almost as much fun as a hovercraft ..... almost :-)


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Actuerally, I asked Sir John for MORE smileys not scarey ones. Though I do like them.
What I wanted was more  emotions with a wider range as I could not always find a really fitting one.
John,  Must try harder!

Kip  :) ;) ;D

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He's just had his first go on a hovercraft!
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Is it me or are the new smileys a tad menacing and a bit scary?

especially Cheesy  :D, Grin  ;D and Angry  >:(!

PS has Cheesy taken something er... recreational?
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Yesterday I had to settle for haribo marshmallows.
And today the radiator on my van breaks. It goes from bad to worse.
Tomorrow I expect there to be no vanilla slices in Gregg's if I happens I'm going to cover my self in hundreds and thousands,chocolate sauce,strawberry sauce and crushed nuts. That right I'm going to top myself.


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Not good down south lately.  Its usually this part of the uk that gets hammered by all the wind & the rain.  Hopefully it will all settle down shortly and the people beingeffected can start to rebuild their lives

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A light breeze ?

Yep we got the stuff with the big red arrows this morning resulting in a record number power outages. Also reports of overturned trucks and other serious damage. Wife is at home with no electricity but listening to the FM radio on my Chinese two way :) :)

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A light breeze ?

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Some tourist info required.
Heading to liverpool via Leeds-Bradford airport on 23rd Feb. Missus and son going to see Liverpool v Swansea. Will have a car and wondering if there is anything worth seeing in the area. Back in Leeds on the monday.


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I'd do it for that.

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He was paid $2 million to do it and must have thought it was worth the risk , but he may be nuts as well  ;D


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I originally bought it to break for the engine, but it was too good to break.  Only damage was a few scratches to the fairing and a broken foot rest.  The bike rides as straight as an arrow at any speed, it just dont like going anywhere near a 50 to 60 degree lean angle.  Back stays put, just the front lets go now & again.  If it showed any signs of speed wobble or misbehaving at speed I would start playing with the fork angle, but no wobble upto 130 ish mph

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Al didn't you buy that bmw from a breaker to use the engine !! then you decided to put it back on the road ?

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Oh Philip,,,, that's explains so MUCH about me   !    ;)
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