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Ross its already an offense in "boating" which we could be assumed to be classed?
Taken from RYA (I am a member!)
Alcohol and boating law in the UK

Merchant Shipping Act 1995

Boaters may be prosecuted under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 if their actions on the water are seen to be endangering other vessels, structures or individuals and they are under the influence of alcohol.   

Harbour byelaws

Locally, most harbour authorities have harbour byelaws under which they can prosecute if boaters are found to be under the influence of alcohol when in charge of a vessel.   

Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003

A law to introduce drink driving offences (including specific alcohol limits) for non-professional mariners was included in the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003. This provision has not been brought into force .
Obviously rather easier to prosecute if you have 30 witnesses to alert the forces!
Moderation is clearly sensible, and as ever IF you have an accident,,,, THEN it gets serious!  :o

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Of slight concern here -the charge relates to 'driving a motor vehicle'. If that were to stand we could have really major issues with operation ........................

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Dave I can't see the point in that. Whiz dive breach. If it dived and you could watch fish or stay under a while then yes,
Horses for courses I suppose. Looks good but I bet there not cheap.


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Thats the one for me
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW5G8362cwo I know it looks scary but please dont delete big brother


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Hat off to the designers but I prefer this one tucked away on the same page.
It must be a great feeling being inside.



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Gary Firth's guide to lithium fires.
When confronted with a lithium fire,PUT IT OUT.
This public information was brought to by the people who brought you Bring a slow friend when you may be attacked by lions.

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       Yes  it  is  a   racing  craft  . 

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Not much chance of cruising with that beast !

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This is an an Olympus hull but I think this one has a bigger duct fitted,

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Special off from Inpost. Parcels delivered from £1 plus vat.
Just sent out 2 parcels. Bargain.

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National Sarcasm Society - like we need your support

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Had em for tea!