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 Very interesting  Warby .     

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Hi Kip, trust you are well.
The charge indicator on a battery is a built in Hydrometer, but only really checks one cell.


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Ello Ello, Evening All. Bend of the knees , etc.
Any  bright spark out there who can tell me how the internal charge condition light works in a car type battery.
The one you hope is green.
Just curious.

Very soon will be starting on "Go Go Escargot". A car engine based camper trike.
Donor vehicle is going to be a 2l VW Passat diesel.
Long term plan is to toddle of into the European sunshine for several months going wherever.
Hopefully in 2019.
Will keep you posted in due course,

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Nah can't see what the problem is. Al ask our lass.

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At last, there is help at hand for those who want to talk like Gazza

Don't depair, click here!

That's way to difficult for me, I'll think I'll stick with the local dialect :)

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At last, there is help at hand for those who want to talk like Gazza

Don't depair, click here!
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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I said to my Wife, 'I want a boat', her reply was 'We need some new furniture first starting with a new kitchen table' Ah Well can't win them all!!!

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Thanks for your replies and offers but now sorted.

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If you can post a photo of it I may be able to let you know if I can help.

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What is the PCB for?How badly damaged is it? If the copper circuits have been damaged/dissolved by the acid they could be replaced by soldering wires across, are any components damaged? I've done this when a copper track has "blown" due to some idiot apprentice applying  too high a voltage to an ECU!!!

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Anyone recommend someone to repair a damaged (by leaked onboard battery) printed circuit board please?

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It's a Prusa i3, came as a kit and took a day to assemble, only cost about £500 and prints very well. I mainly print ABS parts.

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Looks good! 3D printing is the way forward. I spent the last couple of years working on 3D printing metals. I have a fused deposition printer (Markforged) in my office just for having fun on! Sabrina has a few printed bits on her. I've toyed with the idea of buying one for home but it seems silly to sped the money when I've got ready access at work. What sort of printer have you got?
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK