No 28 The Freedom 3 TS

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Dec 12, 2010, 4:43 pm
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Only one pic available at the moment. My last involvement in a craft to date. The original was built in 1984 for the then Light Hovercraft Co.
After a 2 or 3 year production the moulds languished in the undergrowth at East Grinstead for a long time. Tony Shepheard bought them and he and Kevin started to redesign. Unfortunately Tony died and the project came to a virtual stand still. I was a great admirer of Tony and long considered him undervalued and not appreciated as he should have been by the HCGB.
Out of our respect for Tony, Kevin and I came to an arrangement to enable the craft to be finished.
If this craft has as long a life as previous models I have made it will see me out and I will be proud to have carried his name on in some way.

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