This is our hovercraft database (it contains craft that are currently available in manufactured, plan or kit form and craft that are no longer available). It is provided by the HoverClub as a service to the hovercraft community - we would be happy to receive information on any currently available recreational hovercraft for inclusion in this database.

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More info Model Supplier link Supplied as  Click to enlarge Seats Length Width Min. height Empty weight Lift system
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ASV e2 ASV (Australia)Ready built
4 3.57 m2.03 m1.35 m230 Kg 0.23 m clearance
Type integrated
Skirt: seg/Finger
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Otter 4 HovTekReady built
4 5.1 m2.1 m2.16 m223 Kg 0.267 m clearance
Type shared engine
Skirt: bag
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Christy 6183 Christy HovercraftReady built
6 6.42 m2.78 m2.52 m 0.35 m clearance
Type sep. engine
Skirt: loop & finger