The purpose of this calculator is to provide you with a rough guide to the amount of floatation that your hovercraft requires.  Please note that the result is only an approximation, if you are building a new craft design please have the result checked by a professional. Under no circumstances shall the HoverClub accept responsibility or liability for the information provided on this web page.

NOTE that this calculator will only tell you how much floation is required (if any) it will not tell you where it should be placed to maintain the craft in a level and stable attitude whilst flooded. Correct placement is equally critical (wrong placement could result in a craft that continually rolls or floats nose up/down with nothing useful for the occupants to hold onto!).

This calculator is based on USCG standards used to calculate boat floatation requirements for homebuilders. Like all calculators, it's accuracy is totally dependent on the information and data you provide.

You need to know the weights of the main component "groups" of your craft and also know what the maximum permitted person capcity and gear capacity is (check with the manufacturer or designer). Please enter the required data then press the "Calculate" button below to view the result.

ComponentTotal Weight (Kg)Type of Material
Hovercraft Hull Kg
Top deck fittings
include guards, seats, cleats, lights, etc)
Drive system
(engine, empty fuel tank, battery,
support frame(s), belts, etc
Max. permitted person(s) weight Kg
Max. TOTAL payload (including all persons & gear & fuel) Kg