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Posting on behalf of Tom Tilley:

This is fine example of a TS3 twin-engine cruising hovercraft built and maintained to a very high standard. The craft is stored under cover most of the year and is offered for sale with a trailer (choose between one of two) and a bespoke full-size cover for the craft.

The thrust engine is a BMW ‘boxer” R1100T 90 bhp with fuel injection which provides ample power when needed and drives a 6 blade (6Zs) fan.

The lift engine is a 21hp Briggs and Stratton single cylinder driving a 600mm fan (4zs). This engine can run at 3600 rpm but is quite comfortable at 2800 rpm when cruising.

Both engines benefit from professionally made stainless steel exhaust systems to run as quietly as possible in a saltwater environment.

The existing skirt system is in good condition, but it comes with a lot of spare segments included.

I will also include a lot of spare engine parts, blades etc – full details available on request.

Dashboard instruments include:
Ammeters for each engine
RPM gauges for each engine
Battery isolator, push button start and “kill switches” for each engine
Oil temperature gauge for the thrust engine
Fuel gauge
Switches for the two floodlights fitted and one for the amber beacon
Fire extinguisher in cockpit

Viking Star has a marine VHF radio fitted which is connected via an intercom and headsets for easy communication

I will consider shipping the hovercraft overseas but the costs would be borne by the buyer.

Total price as described above is £13,750 (GB Pounds)

Contact the seller Tom Tilley for further information - PM via this website


More photos from Tom

Viking Star appears in many places during Nick's great video here: