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Coastal Pro
« on: May 15, 2019, 9:30 am »
Not sure if you will all be able to see the pictures as its advertised on facebook market place.  The guy is selling it for his auntie as the coastal pro belonged to his uncle that died and so the hovercraft is up for sale.  It is a 2016 model with very little use.

I haven't seen the craft but I am in contact with Matt who is selling it for his Auntie.

They're asking £15000


Jimmy Cooper

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2019, 11:52 am »
This craft did about 105 hours before the craft was sold by BHC with a new 19hp lift engine fitted.
Pic of me flying it up the ramp that was on the Thames Tideway project. It was a back-up for the BHC Coastal Pro but that was so reliable day in day out that this never got used other than for test checking etc.
A BHC Marlin and Vortex Sirocco Man

Nick Rushby

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2019, 7:36 pm »
Buy it if youíve money to waste; youíll get the odd flight between breakdowns; Iíve not managed to complete a weekend cruise in 2 years despite spending a fortune on mine. Iím just about to rewire it as it broke down at Liverpool last weekend due to an earth fault; the factory wiring loom would feature better in an Italian restaurant with a rich Bolognese sauce rather than a £24k hovercrap!! 💩💩💩😩😩😩

Nick Rushby

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2019, 7:49 pm »
The box isn't big enough to list the number of failures Iíve had; but they were all my own fault or that of the previous owner who only kept it for 5 months. With every fix I Dream that Iíve finally found Nirvana; a place of peace, heaven... but so far itís been 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👹👹👹👹👹... every time!!

The secret to success is in the washing down Iím told or better than that, not using it at all, if you seek Ďperfect reliabilityí 👍

John Robertson

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2019, 9:01 pm »
Could you detail some of the issues you've had so we can all maybe learn something (pics wuild be good)?


Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2019, 9:05 pm »
What engines are fitted in your coastal pro?


Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2019, 1:26 am »
Iíve got 290 miles on my Coastal Pro assembled by Hoverstream in the states.  Iím commenting so I  can follow this conversation and Iíll weigh in if I can contribute something helpful.

Nick Rushby

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 7:42 AM »
The craft was 5 months old when I purchased it from a seller advertising on eBay and gumtree. It was purchased from BHC to support a small commercial diving business but it didnít really take off (excuse the pun). There had been issues with the factory fitted B&S thrust engine within that first few months which resulted in Briggs fitting a new 37hp EFI engine as used on the air boats in the US. 

The first of my failures were a lift engine throttle cable snapping and a failed beacon which was followed shortly after by a fractured stbd exhaust manifold which was caused by one of the silencer rubber mounts failing in the plenum. The craft was returned to BHC as it was still under warranty; however it was deemed not to be covered under that as the previous owner was blamed for not washing it down. The exhaust was weld repaired, a new flexi and additional stub supports added to the manifold £300. What I hadnít realised at the time was that the port rubber silencer mount had burnt through allowing the exhaust to fall stressing the stbd manifold. It was stressed that washing the exhaust down after use was very important and to allow a cooling period with the thrust off but the lift running for 5 minutes to cool the exhaust. I had been doing this anyway; however, the rubber mounts continued to burn through and would only last one or two flights. BHC said this was a first (one of many) and reiterated the washing and cooling down. I fitted my own support bracket which helped for a while but the exhaust failed again collapsing in a heap in the plenum. I found out I wasnít alone, 2 other CP owners had suffered similar failures at the same time. I did inform BHC but was told that they had sold over 100 worldwide without issue and I was made to feel it was my fault. Exhausts are now fitted externally, this probably tells an untold story of failure. I was offered an exhaust kit for a discounted price but chose to have a custom one made which is still under test and not without its own problems; but Iím hopeful of a positive result.
Additional failures over the past 18 months have been 3 lift engine exhausts soon to be 4 as the baffles have blown; crappy B&S lawnmower type. I will get a custom one made but will probably look to change out the factory fitted intek 155 as I believe it is under powered. All 4 lift frame rubber mounts failed at once (a first), this almost resulted in a catastrophic failure as the whole engine lifted under load and you could see where the fan had skimmed the duct; I was lucky that day. The 2 thrust from support mounts also failed, but were replaced free of charge. All 3 T-rudders delaminated at once (a first); these were replaced following a factory inspection but that wasnít without some stem words were exchanged following a suggestion that they had not been washed down adequately. 3 failed bilge pumps, The first was replaced out of good will; however, as it was a first, I was told that a subsequent failure was down to me as Iíd run the pump dry, which I knew I hadnít. I now know the failure was down to a wiring fault not of my making. Removing the dash this weekend because of an earth fault that would not allow me to start the trust engine things became much clearer as the loom was a buggers muddle; knit one pearl one.

Iíve yet to tackle the wiring, Iím going to get that stripped out and wired properly at some point; if Iím honest I donít want to touch or even look at the thing right now and Iím at a crossroads as to a future with hovercraft. These craft are upwards of £24k new, the cost of a reasonably priced car. ĎItís a hovercraftí Iím constantly told by my hovercrafting friends and yes, theyíre right; however, would you say that about a £24k car, I think not.

I moan all the time on our WhatsApp group, and Iíve no doubt my mates whilst supportive are fed up with me going on about my continued failures; however, I also know that because the manufacture of hovercraft in this country is so limited, no one wants to put their head above the parapet and speak out for fear of being black-balled.

I donít see myself as a trouble maker and I am by nature a positive bloke and I realised a boyhood dream of owning a hovercraft, but that dream is not the reality I imagined it to be.

I would say that the help, support and laughs Iíve had from the hover group I belong has been second to none and thatís why Iíve ploughed on as opposed to plough in which Iíve done plenty of times when Iíve exceeded 23kts. Every day is a school day.

Nick Flint

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #8 on: Yesterday at 10:39 AM »
Rather than take each of your points in turn,    :o  is it possible you could "take a step back" initially, and can i "suggest" you then may wish to consider looking at craft that are (shall we say) built differently, taking on board what works for them, and why and how it works for them and seeing if you can then take those aspects away with you to incorporate into your present craft systems.
What succeeds and what fails are identical in importance!

Sadly I believe we are close to losing you as a cruiser, because it is reasonable to expect a marine craft to NOT break down, due to inconvenience, but more importantly the danger that a marine break down can generate both for the occupants, but also your fellow operators, attending (saving) you.
In short I agree and feel for you, but that won't make the craft any better!
From now on if you gradually work thro the whys hows and wheres etc- essential if you are to get to the REAL reasons--- then, your craft can only improve whilst you gradually learn and build confidence. Having paid a lot for your craft, its understandable you feel upset, but perhaps that won't help when it all goes quiet and the only sounds are lapping of the water, and cackling seagulls above! ::)  who always seem to find it funny.
If  you attended perhaps Loch Fyne (with/without craft working) I am certain, after a few cruises (on our craft)? that don't end in tears, and  a few evenings nattering you couldn't fail to improve your chances of remaining in this weird pastime,
---which when it works it is still "The Best in the Land"
You could attend my hovercraft facility, (Sheffield) but by attending LF, you would get a broader spectrum of knowledge base, and get to "count them out, and count them back in again" Riding in craft that hover -rather than "sat sittin" on the water is remarkably pleasurable!!
We in the HCCUK are often viewed as "strange beasts operating even stranger craft"  (YEP) but with respect- what works for US can only work for YOU! Everyones failures should make it easy for onlookers to avoid in the future. Our club has "incidents", but as long as note is taken then we move on up.
A step by step approach to any craft can only gradually improve and teach and before long, you realise that breakdowns can NEVER be ELIMINATED,,,,, but they sure can be factored out at SO many levels in so many ways using modern techniques, then they are almost eliminated. Never banished because then it could get boring! ;)  and we don't want that. Do you want electrical connections that after 6 years in salt, are 100% perfect?----
Once you gain this confidence in your craft, you gain confidence in your self, and then relative safety follows. PM me if you want to chat.
Im cheaper than the Samaritans, (or solicitors)!  ;)
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Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

Nick Rushby

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #9 on: Yesterday at 11:48 AM »
Hi Nick,
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.  I Ďbe decided  to do nothing else to the craft  for a while  because Iíve not got the right mindset  to get amongst  it right now.  Itís been well washed down and WD40íd, itís covered up and secure.

If I were to approach it right now, it would be dark, from behind with a large hammer at the ready 😂😂

Iíve no desire to hover at the moment, I get no pleasure from it and all it does is sucks the life out of me.

Iím going to stick to my ride on mower and my mates Jetski  until the red mist clears 👹🔥



Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #10 on: Yesterday at 10:07 PM »
Sounds like pretty terrible detail design work, particularly the use of non-failsafe flex mounts in an installation not designed to deal with such an event by other means of rendering it failsafe is just negligent.

Ian Brooks

Re: Coastal Pro
« Reply #11 on: Yesterday at 11:36 PM »

I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences, I really thought we had left this sort of thing behind. Its a shame you're on the other side of the country to me, I would be very pleased to help if I could. You really shouldn't have to put up with this sort of non-sense on an almost brand new craft, its all fixable but you shouldn't have to - you have every reason to expect to turn the key and just go without fuss. Why should hovercraft be different? Boats are reliable, cars are reliable etc etc. As for the nonsense about washing down! Its a COASTALpro - it should be suitably protected and designed to cope with salt and shouldn't need washing down every time. Boats don't get that. My craft sits on a tidal (salt) river estuary all the time and doesn't fall apart when I don't wash it.

When you are ready to do something, if thats what you want to do, then I'm sure we can help with advice etc. It's a long way (Gloucester) but I would be happy to offer more practical help too if you wanted to bring it over.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK