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Re: Afternoon tea
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Nick, yes it has to be proper whiskey for Irish coffee,. It was invented not far from here in Foynes for transatlantic passengers (and pilots?) on flying boats.

Nick Flint

Re: Afternoon tea
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Whyskie was actually invented and brewed in YORKSHIRE by a lonely whippet rustler, and its initial use was to control whippet rash. This was nothing to do with "rash from whipping" which is another thing altogether. Whippets were often seen rubbing up to infected rabbit skins for a touch of comfort in their sad lives. You only need to casually glance across a pictorial example of a whippet to recognise their tail tucking under in a vain attempt to hide their embarrassing rashes "int' nethers" as they are referred to by people from round these parts. Their down turned mouth corners are the stuff of myth, which takes some saying
Frank Snodgrassington, was taken aback by the healing tendencies, and it soon progressed to a calming linament and  the chosen treatment for most STDs in his area. Personal application sessions soon followed but a passing constable became increasingly suspicious of mildly crippled incomers, later exiting with what were reported at the time as - "unnatural levels of pleasure for the area, apparent in their personal visages" The constables alarm and suspicions must be taken in context due to the general low levels of fun on offer at the time, where misery was almost insisted upon (if your weren't actually born miserable).

Quite how this local application progressed to being actually DRUNK is distressingly lost to history, but is perhaps something akin to catching things off public toilet seats, or distressing hoover attachment accidents. (other sucking devices are available).

It is well documented however that two travellers were passing by his shed- One was of the "Scottish persuasion", the other was from the island of Ireland. It can only be surmised that the recipe was perhaps purloined- (just LOVE that word), and "jobs yer uncle" as they say.
So when a Yorkshireman poses the question "Fancy a brew mate?" then you now KNOW whats on offer, but you still have to decide if you are going to drink it or smear it.
Where it gets smeared can only be decided by 21 year olds (or over) and a signed consent form lodged at-
T' Council Offices,
Much misery on the pit,
Y0r Ksh183

Further reading is available via -

Mythteries o't county be Snodders
185 available from Amazon.
Other jungles are available.

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT


Re: Afternoon tea
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Think youvyo been on my Red X bottle, Ian or Kim can explain :)