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Is there a way of checking a briggs coil?

I have a new one and an old one.  The last time I had the engoine running it was working fine, it had a new coil on it.  Today engine wouldn't fire, so checked spark and no spark.  I fitted an old coil and hey presto runs a treaat.

The engine has got damp over the past couple of days, so I'm wondering if the coil was shorting out.  ( I haven't marinised the engine yet) 

Is there a test I can do to check the coil, other than bolt it back on the engine?

Steve Holland

Re: Coil
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Assume you've tried it without the kill wire attached to rule that out and checked the spark from the end of the HT lead itself?

If it was working and now isn't  something has changed since it's not worn out from use :-)
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