Fyne cruising
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Mondays trip ...
May 09, 2017, 7:55 pm

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Bloody hell John - what are you doing to us? :P  You and Steve are having WAY too much fun - looks bloomin' fantastic! 8) 8)  Drone footage is great and adds a whole new dimension to it all. My 87 year old Dad has been following your adventures and he too, is green with envy...
Hopefully we will get some decent weather for the Scottish Hover-In in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to getting Kairos onto the water there and meeting up with everyone again...
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All that weather must be fake............ just like the moon landings :) :) :)
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Offline Steve Holland

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Phil, the weather was real alright. The drone shots reflect the days we had perfectly. It's either luck or timing, the net result was another memorable hover break. It's a similar routine as always with puddling along taking frequent breaks and taking in the sun and atmosphere of the loch.

I tried out one of those gps speedo apps on my spare phone. It gives a large display and records average speed, distance and top speed (34mph) etc. Just don't let the battery go flat or you lose the data!!

On reliability I must add some material to the slack side of the upper belt guard which has partly vanished. I did one small adjust on the drive belt and two skirt joint repairs the largest was about 30cm on the right rear corner. I had noticed an odd drag as I landed on the camp site, I'm impressed at how large a hole you can have on a bag skirt and it still function. The joint had let go so it needed cleaned and re glued, I added a strip over the joint to make it properly secure. Part of the problem is the heat of the sun which softens the un catalysed glue. The trick is to start the engine and let it idle for a minute to blow cool air through before moving off.  You can add an optional catalyst which reduces the effect of heat on the bond. I may use this for the replacement skirt.

Going by the Explorers trip meter I did 201 miles with a 15-17mph cruise speed feeling just right. I was brought down to 9 mph at one point with strong wind and chop. The previous set up would not have managed that and dropped off cushion. The tough stuff was relatively brief with near perfect cruising conditions for most of the three days I was there.
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There's no such thing as bad weather, your just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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You call THAT fun? :o
Oh very dear me----
If that weather is all used up, then I shall get cross----
Kind Regs from a work room somewhere-- :(
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"Capn" FLINT